Employee Wellness Ideas Everyone Will Like

Reports show that employees tend to be more loyal to organizations that offer wellness programs and show that they care.  In recent times, wellness programs have indeed become a veritable part of the business world. Did you know that 73% of organizations offer employee wellness gifts in some form or the other!

Here are some employee wellness ideas that will cover both remote employees and in-house team.

Two people working out with steppers in gym. Man and woman wearing sportswear clothes.

Ensure healthy competition

Offering scope for a healthy competition among the peers is the best way to bring out results. Encourage your employees to set bench marks in fitness levels and remind them to celebrate every victory. Offer gifts for the achievers. It will indeed create a competitive spirit among the employees and inspire them to keep going, even after the initial challenge has ended.

Meal planning

Meal planning challenges will definitely encourage your employees to eat healthy and wholesome meals. Encourage the team to cook meals at home whenever possible and purchase only healthy snacks from outside. As a token of appreciation, consider custom giveaways like custom portion control containers as handouts to all the employees who participated in this challenge. So, every time they see these logo items they will feel proud of their achievement.

Set a sleep pattern

A healthy human being needs 8 hours of sleep every night. However, the busy schedules have made it impossible to stick to this goal for most working personnel. Help them to set up a morning and night time table that will let them allocate time for all their activities, without  cutting down on the sleep hours. A bed time routine that includes reading or meditation will surely help them to relax and enjoy sound sleep.

Staying  organized

A clean work desk could seem like an impossible task to attain for most employees. However, it is scientifically proven that office workers with a tidy desk are 52% more productive and 48% happier. Simple giveaways like desk caddy and cable organizers will help the employees to make the best use of their desk space and stay organized; even something small like paper clips can make a thoughtful giveaway.

Bespoke wellness programs

Come up with interesting wellness programs that will suit the life style of your employees. For instance, for yoga enthusiasts you can choose giveaways like yoga mats, scented candles or cooling towels that will enhance the experience and boost the participation

In-house games like bingo is another way for employees to stay happy; organize dance sessions after work hours to get employees to participate. Giveaways like Bluetooth speaker will be  great way to show that you care!

 It can indeed be difficult to find wellness challenges that appeal to every staff member. However, choose the most popular ideas and encourage maximum participation. Explore our list of custom wellness items for ideas.