June 15th is  Global Wind Day – Celebrate with Custom Hand Fans!

Global Wind Day is observed on June 15th every year all over the world to spread awareness on the power and possibilities of  wind energy. Plan events to highlight the role wind energy can play in redefining the energy systems and reduce carbon footprints while boosting the economy.

In addition, marketers in all industries can play a part in this event by handing out custom giveaways that complement the theme of this event.

Why Custom Fans?

It is a no brainer why custom hand fans make a perfect promo gift for the upcoming Global Wind Day!  Available in various models with add-on features, custom fans are highly customizable in terms of colors and branding. No matter whether you choose to screen print, emboss, or deboss, your logo will get a lot of attention. From classic models like hand fans to innovative fans like misting fans and USB fans, there is something special for every call.

Portable Mini Fans

Offer the luxury of a hand fan  to your recipients wherever they go with this handy model. Coming with a breakaway neck cord attachment, these compact fans are easy to carry in pockets and backpacks. Soft plastic safety blades and a prominent imprint space are its other highlights. Moreover, you can even make it part of your summer swag to spread your word  farther!

Mini USB Two Blade Flexible Fan

Good things indeed come in small sizes! Flexible, travel size and above all functional , these fans add an innovative twist to normal fans . Your logo on the high visibility imprint area on the barrel will get a lot of attention and appreciation every time your recipients use it as a fan or a USB device! Thus these double utility giveaways will ensure dual brand exposure at the cost of one.

Mini Fans With Removable Caps

These high speed fans with soft blades and a clear protective cap will easily fit in pockets, bags, backpacks, etc. Powered with 2AAA batteries, these fans are  also available in several bright and bold colors.

Turbo Mini Fan with Flashlight

Check out these fans that will not just cool off your clients but will light up their way as well. Ideal for all outdoor events like concerts and fairs , these make a reliable source of light to them while navigating dimly lit parking area or staircase. Handing out a high utility giveaway like this will ensure consistent impressions without any repeat effort from your end.

Need more? Browse our collection of custom hand fans to complement your Global wind day events . Is you are feeling overwhelmed by the countless models on offer, reach out to our team for tips and ideas.