Easy Tips for Hosting No Shave Events

Cause marketing like No shave November events enhance the popularity of a business in several ways. Moreover , it will also lead to an increase in revenue.

No shave November or Movember events are held in the month of November all over the world. It is specifically aimed to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. It is a great way for businesses to shape positive perceptions and increase customer traffic.

Benefits of hosting Movember events

Highlights company values

Awareness events highlight the social commitment and ethics of your business and show that you care .

Generates buzz Furthermore, these events will make people aware of the seasonal events and the friendly profile of your business

Make a difference: Inspire your customers to participate in the cause by handing out appropriate custom giveaways and above all, make a difference in a fun, simple way.

Raises morale: Employees enjoy being part of special events such as Movember and to inspire others on behalf of their company.

Looking for more interesting ideas for promoting Movember at your organization? Here are a few that will surely get you inspired

Have an office party

Office parties give your employees something exciting to look forward to. It will strengthen relationships between employees and management. Think of a mustache-themed party for a fun workplace experience!

Host a friendly contest

 Encourage employees to increase their productivity by offering special Movember deals and rewards.

Handout Appropriate giveaways

Custom gifts imprinted with your brand and message will make lasting reminders of this special event. Think of interesting custom handouts like toiletry bags, shaving products and the like that complement the theme of the event. Imprint positive Movember messages and your logo to make it unique.  


If you wish to order gender neutral gifts that both men and women employees will enjoy using all year long, custom bags will make a perfect choice. Universally popular and highly practical, bags are available in a wide range of models. It will make an ideal gift choice because you can order a single size for everyone.

Backpacks will make a fabulous choice for educational niche, students and  parents. Drawstring bags are more popular among the outdoorsy crowd while versatile models like totes are popular choices  for shopping, holidays or for extra storage in their homes or vehicles.


A popular gift choice, custom apparels will reflect your company’s unique style and share the positive vibes. Choose from various models and price rates. Movember themed –T shirts like those imprinted with designs of mustache or bearded faces can be sold at venues and amusement parks to raise funds for this cause.

 If you are looking for something that offers a more professional appeal while still being comfortable, polo shirts will be a great choice.  Logo hoodies and jackets are perfect choices that is just right for the  cool month of November. Print your logo, event message and taglines to make it unique and interesting. Accessories like caps and bandanas  also make viable options to  impress the audience.

So, how do you plan to observe no shave November? Do share your ideas with us