Win the Big Game with Super Bowl Sunday Marketing

Super Bowl Sunday is not just another day of football but make an annual cultural feast for marketers.

From promotions and advertisements before and during the game to football themed gifts and online fun contests, it is undoubtedly an exciting time for everyone. Super Bowl Sunday is a perfect time for both sports fans and advertisers to get the message across. The tremendous potential that super bowl holds in the marketing calendar is clearly evident by the fact that business corporations spend millions of dollars for a 30-second ad space to appear on the game’s halftime show!

Get your brand piggy ride on the frenzy of Super Bowl Sunday to make your brand part of this mega event. First thing to remember is that you can enhance your sales without being intrusive.  Sports bar owners can get more patrons through their door to dine or drink at their place during the game.

Here are some smart tips to infuse new life into your campaign and set your bar apart from the competition.

Game day special packages

Think of innovative ways to get more  footie fans into your bar. You can sell pre-ordered tickets to your Super Bowl Sunday event including a buffet plate and other goodies. Alternatively, raffle out shirts printed with your brand. Think of strategies that will ensure a sporty  touch to your promotional efforts. Moreover, it will add an element  of exclusivity to your campaign that will drive the crowd to your bar.

Ensure a trendy makeover to  your sports bar

Finally, make sure that your sports bar provide a great viewing experience and a perfect partying milieu for your guests. Stock up your tissue dispensers and hand sanitizers, deodorize bathrooms and arrange the tables to ensure a hassle free viewing experience.

Stock up on food supply

In particular. ensure surplus food to cater to the surging crowd. Running out of food and brew when the game is still on is the last thing you wish to happen. Stock up more food products that sell out the most to avoid wastage and utilize the funds properly.

Rent parking space

If you expect a lots of patrons  to attend your super Bowl Sunday event, ensure ample parking space for their vehicles. You can even  rent out parking spaces from nearby establishments to handle the additional parking lot needs that may arise. In the end, an orderly parking is the key in drawing customers.

Spread the word

Put up banners that shout out the special fare for super bowl on your bar windows, mail out brochures for a targeted reach. Likewise you can also make use of online platforms to get your message across to a wider audience. Most importantly, hand out appropriate custom giveaways as rewards or prizes to your clients.

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