Best Real Estate Giveaways you Need Today

Popular and powerful marketing materials that allow real estate agents to easily connect with their clients.

Real estate is a highly competitive niche like many other business realms. Unlike the short lived digital promotions, promotional handouts will make lasting branding reminders of the business for the prospects. Even after many years, your brand imprint on a keychain or a tumbler will remind your clients about your services.

So, get started with these affordable personalized promo gifts you can use for boosting the real estate business.

House Shaped keychains

Shaped like a house, these keychains will make a highly recognized symbol for any real estate business. Furthermore, it is ideal for open houses, mailer campaigns and building expos. Moreover, these budget friendly yet infinitely popular handouts are hard to resist. Customize these attractive keychains by engraving your company logo and name that is visible to everyone.

House Shaped Stress Relievers

Handy to especially reduce  stress and  relax hand muscles, these uniquely shaped stress relievers enjoy a long retention among your clients. Ideal for every home, office or car, these soft and firm squishy toys will remind about your services and upcoming projects while leaving them feel at ease. Importantly, anything imprinted on these logo items will get a wide angle display wherever they go. You can clearly customize them with your company logo as you promote your brand.

Fridge Magnets

Nothing can beat the charm of fridge magnets in putting your message in their plain sight.  Undoubtedly, these full color custom magnets will enjoy a grand display on the fridge doors and often make a great talking topic. Get the absolute word of mouth publicity with these budget friendly handouts that are easy to distribute by mail, offices, and door-to-door marketing to keep your message at hand.

Kitchen accessories

Make lives of the new home owners easy by handing out custom kitchen accessories like cutting boards , mitts or measuring spoons among others. Your brand will indeed become part of the life style of your prospects. Plus, these everyday items will get a lot of attention from anyone who sees it.

BBQ set is another fabulous gift choice. It offers great outdoor entertainment and definitely make a hallmark of a good life. Customized BBQ sets may help to promote your real estate business in the neighborhood.

Yard Signs

Obviously, these high visibility advertisements that are  placed on the streets facing lawns or other areas attract the attention of the passersby. You may customize both front and back with your logo, business name so that interested prospects can connect with you right away .

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Available in various  colors and shapes, custom ceramic mugs will showcase your business for a long time. Just think of the exposure your brand will get every time they host tea parties at their new home!

For more gift ideas, browse our collection of custom gifts and choose the best.