Customized PPE Supplies for Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars that are planning to reopen will have to come up with a host of  measures to ensure personal safety of the customers and sanitation in their businesses. PPE supplies which were unheard of prior to the pandemic have become the most important items today.


ProImprint has an extensive line of promotional PPE kits and custom personal  care products to help you get on with your business, spread  the word  and make your patrons feel safe. Here are some popular restaurant promotional ideas and swag that will help you stand out in the competition.

Printed PPE Value Kit

Face Masks

As droplets from a sneeze can travel over six feet, it is important to wear facemasks when in public places. Hand out custom facemasks to your staff and even your patrons as a token of your brand reminder and show that you care.

Reusable facemasks are available in a wide range of models and popular colors. Washable and comfortable, these facemasks make a smart way to get all eyes on your logo. As your staff may have to wear the facemasks all day, facemask ear savers will make another useful handout. These branded elastic headbands will prevent ear soreness caused by the taut elastic straps of the masks.

Breathable Cotton Face Masks

Blank disposable masks can be made available at the entrance for your patrons who may not have mask. Hand it out for free or charge a small amount for charity.

Breathable and Disposable 3-Layer Cloth Face Masks

Social distance floor decals

Social distancing is  crucial in crowded restaurants and bars. Directional floor stickers and decals will make it easy for your patrons to follow the guidelines and maintain adequate distance to ensure a safe dining experience.

Signage for Social Distancing

Banners and flags can also be used to remind your patrons about social distancing rules in place. Easy to relocate anywhere including outdoors, these colorful banners will  bring in a festive touch to  your restaurant as well. You can also let people know that you are back in business with these trendy  Sail Signs that will grab easy attention.

Double Sided Tear Drop Sail Sign Kit with Scissor Base

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Set up a hand sanitizer station  at the doorway to make sure that your patrons enter the dining space  sanitized. Choose gel or pump dispenser for easy use. You can even customize these with your logo and message to make it part of your promotional tools. Another great choice for wait staff or  bartenders would be hand sanitizers with carabiner, which can easily be attached to their belt loops or aprons to keep it at easy access.

8 Oz Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles

Face Shields

Your staff at the billing counters can be handed out face shields to prevent the risks of exposure and protect them from germs.

Protective Face Shields with Elastic Band

Now that you have the best PPE for both your crew and patrons, you can look forward to a successful  and safe reopening of  your restaurant. Best of luck!