Custom Totes – One Solution For  Different Marketing  Situations

Spread the word not on business cards but on these long lasting totes and stay in plain view of your audience for a long time. Marketing has become more diverse and interesting these days and advertisers try to stand out in the competition. Safe guard your promotional dollars by adopting innovative strategies that are a wee bit different than conventional marketing.


That is what makes high utility promotional items like totes an unrivalled choice. It will evoke reciprocity in the minds of your audience and encourage them to support your brand. Reusable  tote bags are ecofriendly, which makes it a great choice to highlight your social commitment while making sure your message reaches the hearts of the receivers!

Tote bags are always in use and your logo will always be under their eyes. Tote bags also enjoy incredible popularity and everytime your recipients carry it, your brand will get word of mouth publicity. Affordable. versatile and popular, tote bags can easily spread the word about your business and will appease every genre of audience including families, outdoorsy clients and more!

Offered in various material choices and price rates, tote bags will  highlight your brand and message easily. Customize it creatively with logo, message or artwork to make it unique. Anyone who receives these will most likely use these in their everyday life while you have some of the greatest brand ambassadors for your business

Here are some real promotional contexts where custom totes can be used

Retailers: Replace single use plastic bags with reusable tote bags to play your part in the global war against plastic overuse. When your customers repeatedly use  these branded bags your message will reach a wider audience all the while making this planet sustainable.

Library  or bookstalls: Customize these sturdy tote bags with your brand, slogan or artwork to promote your bookshop. Offer these freebies when people buy books from the store or hand out as milestone gifts to your most loyal clients.

Spirit Drawcord Tote Bags

Fitness centers: Tote bags  double up as handy gym bags as well. Get your logo and message imprinted on these solid colored bags to make it a walking talking billboard for your gym. We bet, your logo  imprinted on these will become the hottest talking topic in town in the days ahead.

Casablanca Cotton Boat Tote Bags

Spa/ salon: Jute tote bags make a classic gift choice to consider to promote your spa or salon services. The interesting color choices and the natural flair of these bags will match with the nature of your services as well. Make it special by imprinting your message and logo on it; see how well appreciated your recipients will feel  when they get these beautiful and unique handouts.

Printed Escape Jute Tote Bags

Corporate  business: Send your business partners a premium wine bottle in these attractive wine totes  with your brand on it. Leave a lasting impression among the audience with these elegant and well retained gifts and stand out in style.

15 Inch Luxe Everyday Computer Totes

Ecofriendly and elegant, tote bags will make a perfect giveaway for all types of promotions. How do you plan to make these logo items part of your marketing mix?