The 3 Essential Items In Your Bag During Work Or Play!

Gone are the days when all you need to grab on the go were the phone, the wallet and the keys. However, in the new normal world, it is not recommended to leave your home without these 3 essential items to ensure safety.


  1. Hand Sanitizers

Stay safe from the germs and the risks of contamination by washing your hands regularly with soap and water. Soap sheets  are a good choice. Custom hand sanitizers and wet wipes will keep you disinfected while on the move. Offices and workplaces have been using sanitizers like never before to ensure hygiene  of the employees and combat the virus.

Hand Soap Sheets in Compact Travel Case

Even at homes, people should have their own hand sanitizer to ensure cleanliness of hands . It’s just become something essential. Available in a wide range of models like sprays, wipes and gel and perfectly designed for your bag or pocket, custom sanitizers have evolved to be the best promotional items as well.

8 Oz Hand Gel Sanitizer Pump Bottles

 Face masks

Facemasks have brought in a pop of fun colors and fashion twist to the personal safety items to make it more interesting . Whether it is on public transport, in a shopping mall or in office, everyone is now required to wear a face mask to prevent the risks of droplet infections from asymptomatic carriers and sick persons.

Standard Flat Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Why would businesses  need a personalized face mask?  It will not just keep your prospects safe but will put your brand on display and on the move. Choose from various models including breathable cotton or cooling towel fabric materials among others that will keep your recipients comfortable even when they have to wear their masks the whole day.

Bandanas is another trendy way for people to cover up their nose and mouth. Offered in various attractive options like neck gaiters and yowies rally towels,  these will make a stylish way to stay safe.

Printed Yowie® Multifunctional Rally Wear


Though gloves aren’t required to be worn at all times, it will help to avoid filthy touch points in public places like elevator buttons or ATM machine keypad among others.  These disposable gloves have become an essential item for travel  bags and office bags all of a sudden  in the current situation.  Every time you need to hold to the pole on public transport or use a shared pen in a bank, wearing disposable gloves will make a smart way to stay safe.

Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves

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