Creative Ways To Use Custom Lanyards- Must Read 

Lanyards may pass off as a plain strip of material worn around the neck to tag the pass during tradeshows and business events. However, these days lanyards have evolved to become trending accessories in a wide range of colors and prints.


Lanyards are everywhere; these come out in the open at offices, playgrounds, tradeshows and even the camping grounds!  Here are some creative ways that businesses can use imprinted lanyards.

 Promotional Events

The primary use of lanyards are in tradeshows and expos and as part of a certain dress code. Lanyards imprinted with your logo and message shows that you are part of the organizational team and makes an easy way to show your  identity and authority in business events where entry is restricted .  Lanyards are easy to customize and there are so many types to choose from!

Lanyards can even be used as giveaways  during  raffle or when people join your event. It’s great for marketing because you can increase the brand exposure through these cool customized items. Get people talk about your event, while they have something to take home too!

Imprinted Breakaway Lanyards with Key Ring

As Facemask holders
Interestingly, lanyards have evolved to be in tune with the changing times to take the form of even mask holders!  Check out these innovative 3/4 Inch Polyester Mask Keepers that will keep your masks safely and at easy access around the neck on these lanyards. You don’t have to expose your facemasks to germs by leaving it somewhere when you eat out or whenever you have to take your masks off!

 3/4 Inch Polyester Mask Keepers

As phone/keychain  holders

Lanyards can be used to hold mobile phones or keychains safely for your prospects  while on the move or while attending busy tradeshows. It will keep the items safe and prevent dropping and  misplacement by keeping these close to the users. Lanyards are added security for your wallets or gadgets as it is not easy to steal a gadget that has a lanyard attached to it.

1/2 Inch Full Color Premium Lanyards with Ring

Determining Rank

Lanyards are helpful to show your rank or the department you belong to. Businesses can even employ lanyards in different colors  for employees of different departments  for easy identification. Lanyards help the team to stay organized in a subtle manner in large business events and programs. Lanyards can also  be used to hold the Id card, pen etc of your employees and ensure hands free convenience . Choose from a wide range of colors and designs to match your theme.

20 Inch Hang In There Lanyards


Lanyards make  a hands- free and smart way to carry emergency items like band aids and mosquito bite patches among others. Though it is not a conventional use  of lanyards, hikers will find it useful for this impromptu purpose apart from using  to identity their group mates. You can even use it for lining the tents or make up for the short length of rope in emergencies. Lanyards are the best companions of outdoorsy crowd!

1 Inch Full Color Elastic Lanyards with Ring

There are a lot more possibilities. Have more tips to add to our list?  Share with us on our facebook page to join an interesting discussion