Custom Wellness and Personal Care Items – Gifts to Show That You Care

Life in the new normal world has put a lot of stress in the minds of everyone. Businesses that wish to reach out to their audience and show how much special they are can consider custom wellness items as handouts. Add your logo, message or artwork to make it extra special and worth cherishing.


Face masks

Help your clients and employees stay safe from contamination risks with custom face masks.  Show that you care while your brand gets a great display on these everyday items. Choose from a wide range of reusable, customizable models that go well with their apparel colors!

Import 3-Ply Dye-Sub Adult Face Masks with Adjustable Elastic Straps

Wet wipes

Stay fresh and safe from germs with wet wipes that are available in various models including alcohol free, antiseptic wipes that keep the users safe from germs. Custom wet wipes are ideal for not just keeping the hands and face fresh but come handy when you need to make a quick wipe of the work tables and surroundings as well.

Alano Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Hand sanitizers

A must have in the post pandemic world, hand sanitizers are hard to miss for anyone. Put your logo and message on these custom products and get easy attention.

Misting Hand Sanitizer Spray

Manicure sets

Manicure sets make a fabulous gift idea for any industry including beauty, health, food,or something more. Everyone needs these basic accessories that are often overlooked to remain well groomed and elegant. Choose from various models and price rates to match it with your theme. Your logo and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention for sure.

Vanity Personal Care Kits

Scented candles

Scented candles leave a soothing effect with its light and refreshing aroma. It is one of the many reasons why candles are such a popular gift. Ideal as employee gifts, milestone handouts, party favors and more, scented candles are romantic and subtle.

Bright enough to create a comfortable vibe in any settings and enhance the romantic ambiance of a private dinner night, scented candles can be used in countless ways. Check out one of most popular candles in glass bowls that complements all backgrounds and living and work spaces of your clients while putting your brand on a display.

 Libbey Bowl Aromatherapy Candles


Having a handy mirror on hand will boost the confidence of everyone  as it will help them make sure the perfect look, anytime, anywhere. These budget friendly handouts available in various models including folding mirrors, stand up pocket mirrors and many more make versatile handouts for all types of businesses. Your brand and message imprinted on these will become part of the life style of your audience for sure.

Glimmer Round Mirrors

Hanging toiletry bags

A handy gift choice for people on the move, these hanging toiletry bags are easy to use as it can be hanged on towel rods or hooks to gain access to all items in the toiletry bag.

Heathered Hanging Toiletry Bags

Explore our complete line of custom heath and wellness items to choose appropriate handouts that will impress your audience.