Personalized Wedding Favors For Beach Weddings

Summer bring alive tons of spectacular outdoor wedding ideas among every couple. There cant be anything more quixotic than saying the wedding vows at the backdrop of a canopy of palm trees and the crashing waves. Enhance the magical beauty of your summer wedding with bespoke wedding gifts that are personalized with your message and wedding tagline to make it memorable keepsakes.

Here are some interesting beach themed wedding and gift ideas that match with the  summer vibes!


On the Shore

The blue waters accentuated with the frothy waves will set a romantic stage for a wedding. From the color of the background to the fonts and wedding imagery adding just these little details will help you pull off a perfect beach themed wedding.

Cotton Canvas Nautical Tote Bags

Think of bold lines, beach themed motifs like seashells or bubbles to make your handouts interesting and a notch higher than ordinary gifts.You can choose blue colored wedding favors like nautical themed tote bags, hand fans, lip balm or cooling towels.  The ocean colors in your wedding color palette will easily leave a lasting statement!

Mini Hand Fans

Colorful Parasols

Bring in the colors and the imposing charm of beach umbrellas into your wedding theme. Right from save the date magnets to the wedding favors, you can opt for bold strokes of colors and hues to keep in line with the parasol theme.

As beach umbrellas set a dazzling background for the wedding ceremony and bring in a fun twist  colorful personalized mini umbrellas will make excellent wedding favors to match the theme. Your logo and message imprinted on the canopy of these custom umbrellas will never fail to get noticed.

43 Inch Arc Promotional Super-Mini Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

 Tropical Paradise

If you are choosing a tropical wedding theme, you can think of lively handouts like bandanas, mirrored sunglasses and summer hats as some of the wedding favors. Make it special by adding a subtle message or artwork to round off the wedding gifts with ease.

Fold And Go Outdoor Hats

Reef and Coral

Wish to have a cliff top setting by the beach and the corals as your wedding backdrop? You are all set to have some of the most breathtaking wedding snapshots for sure. From can coolers to insulated tumblers and something fun like bubbles, you have a lot of gift ideas that will fit every budget and match the coral color and theme of the wedding.

Kan-Tastic Can Koolers with Pocket

Full color imprint beach towels imprinted with corals and reef will be another perfect gift to consider. This playful and fresh wedding theme will easily match your personal aesthetic.

30x60 Inch Custom Imprinted Beach Towels

Need more wedding favor ideas for your upcoming wedding day? Reach out to our team to stay on top of the trends.