Custom Travel Mugs- A Buying Guide

It is hard to start a day off without the favorite morning beverage on hand for most people!  A travel mug comes handy to keep your favorite drinks tasty, warm and above all  portable . The cult status enjoyed by drinkware items makes it a great promotional gift to consider for marketers. Versatile and highly practical, travel tumblers will get their  message on display while getting the recipients through the day. Win- win!


Apart from making a great addition to the tumbler collection of any home or office, these brilliantly colored, sleek tumblers are great to keep beverages in the right temperature while on the go. With scores of models on the market, it might appear an overwhelming task to choose the right custom tumbler for your branding.

This quick guide will help you choose the best custom travel tumblers  that will impress your audience.

20 Oz Venti Ceramic Mugs


Mugs are available in a wide range of models including metal tumblers, BPA free plastic models, ceramic tumblers and much more. The material of the travel mug is what decides how long it can keep your beverage hot or cold. Insulated metal tumblers have the highest temperature retention.  No matter what you choose, all these reusable tumblers are a perfect alternative to disposable tumblers and well suited for ecofriendly promotions.

16 Oz Promotional Stainless Steel Mod Tumblers


The size of the travel mug is another important factor to consider. It should be big enough to hold enough water or beverages for the day without being too bulky. Ideally a travel mug should be eye pleasing, easy to hold and above all that fits right into the car cup holders.15 Oz Terra Tumblers

Insulated design

Travel mugs  with insulated design can keep your beverages piping hot or ice cold as desired for extended hours. However, not all tumblers have temperature retention features. So, make sure to choose a travel mug that has double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep the beverages in the desired temperature without making the exterior of the tumblers hot to hold.  Insulated tumblers with copper lining or those with silicone sleeves are some of the other interesting options to consider in custom promotional giveaways.

Spill Proof Travel Mugs

While choosing a travel mug, choose models with spill proof designs and covers that won’t leave a mess behind. Make sure that your tumbler has a snug fitting lid that keeps the liquids safe.

 30 Oz Everest Stainless Steel Insulated Tumblers

Easy to Clean

Most travel mugs are dish washer safe; while those that aren’t dishwasher safe can be cleaned by hand with soapy water and cleaning brush. Make sure that the tumblers have a wide mouth  for hassle free cleaning .

14 Oz Dagon Wheat Straw Mugs with Stainless Liner


Look for travel mugs that will never will never impart flavors and retain odors. Glass tumblers are a best choice in this department though it can be difficult to handle and clean. Stainless steel tumbler is another choice.

14 Oz Jumbo Ceramic Mugs

Quality is important

Make sure that the travel mug is made of premium, food quality material that will last long and take the daily grinds with ease. Ideally choose durable travel mugs that can withstand extreme conditions and situations like food-grade stainless steel tumblers that last long, look great and above all will not alter the taste of beverages held inside.

 Need more tips? Watch our blog posts on custom tumblers and make a well informed decision.