4 Undeniable Benefits of Custom Beach Towels as Summer Giveaways

Nothing says summer as beach fun! So, summer themed handouts like Custom beach towels will make the winning card for marketers in this season. These make excellent handouts to make any beach holiday enjoyable and hassle free and a fine quality towel can even make or break a beach day! So, make sure to choose quick absorbent beach towels that will keep your recipients comfortable while putting your brand on a proud parade.


Shopping for custom beach towels can be  overwhelming considering the countless models on offer. These tips may help to choose an appropriate model for your beach themed events.

Promotional Beach Towels

Light weight

Ideally  beach towels should be light weight or mid weight and easy to carry around even when it is wet.  Light weight beach towel is the best option for the fun in the sun as it is easy to pack, quick to dry and comfortable to use.  Weighing at just a fraction of conventional beach towels, these can fit into a  tiny pouch to make storage and transport easier as never before.

Throw it into the beach bag or the boot of your car to ensure a comfortable towel at easy access. These towels are also ideal for camping holidays, gym sessions, road trips and more. Towel pouches with a convenient carabiner can be  clipped to your belt loop or purse to carry it wherever you go.

Midweight Colored Beach Towels


Offered in a palette of colors, custom beach towels can even be matched with the color of the swim wear or beach umbrella to leave a statement!

 Lightweight Kiwi Beach Towels


Ideal as a cover up or a shoulder wrap for your recipients on the beach, these towels even look good as a picnic mat  to spread out the snacks or to let the kids play. No matter how your clients and customers choose to use it, your brand and message imprinted on it will get a wide angle display and  word of mouth publicity on the shores and even beyond. Any outdoorsy person will find these towels an excuse to stop by to strike up a friendly conversation with your recipients!.

Imprinted Beach Towels


Models like microfiber towels are much more absorbent than traditional towels. Your recipients will indeed thank your brand for this amazing custom promotional gift that will leave them dry and warm after their swim. Made of very small, synthetic fibers comprising of polyester, polyamide, nylon, or a combination of more than one material, microfiber beach towels are light weight, durable, breathable and easy to fit in the beach bag  and easy to clean!

Designed to soak up the water in a quick rub down, these towels are also ideal for all types of outdoor events like athletic events, game days and more.  Plus Microfiber towels can also protect car seats from saltwater damages as they drive back home from the beach!

Microfiber Towels

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