Checklist to Choose the Right Promotional Products

While hosting an event or promotion, it is a challenging task to choose the most appropriate handouts from tens of thousands of products vying for attention. Our product experts will walk you through the whole process to hand pick the best giveaways that will effectively portray your brand message or value!

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 The promotional theme

Consider the basic objective of the event you are hosting. It is to promote your brand, engage the audience, thank your clients, highlight your ecofriendly initiatives or something more?  Choose handouts that will go well with the theme for more impact.

For instance, handouts like wheat tumblers or reusable totes will make great gifts for ecofriendly events. If you are looking for employee gifts, choose handouts like custom pens, notepads or tech accessories that your employees will find useful.

Charlie Cotton Tote Bags

The price point

At the end of the day, it is the price point that makes the decisive factor while choosing promotional items. However, make sure not to compromise quality while choosing handouts that fit your budget. Buying in bulk is a smart way to get maximum price discounts. So, if you have a mass event on cards. Place big orders for maximum price advantage.

Customized Camden Pens

Keep the deadline in mind

It is recommended to choose custom products with shorter turn around production time so that you can get it customized well on time for the event. Choosing a product that is not realistic for your time frames is of no use literally!

Choose versatile products

As the attendees will have a fair mix of both men and women in all age groups and demographics, it is better to choose custom gifts that are versatile and popular among everyone. For instance , high utility items like tumblers, backpacks and wellness items like hand sanitizers or face masks are some of the many handouts that will appease everyone on your list. Invest on popular gifts that everyone will find useful to ensure maximum value for your promotional dollars.

Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Stay on top of trends

Choose trending gifts to gain easy attention. After all, nobody will find outdated gifts interesting. Keep a tab on the latest models in promo gifts while purchasing. For instance, consider innovative models like inverted umbrellas in place of an ordinary umbrella.

Printed Inversa Inverted Umbrellas

A wireless charging pad that will double up as a mouse pad is another trending gift idea. Combo models like speaker tumblers that serve both beverages and music is another hot choice. Options are truly limitless.

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