Custom Throwback Gift Ideas  from the  Past Decades

Old fashioned handouts bring back nostalgic memories of the past, impress your recipients and engage the audience with your brand effectively. It is indeed  a delightful break in the tech overloaded. Retro gifts evoke happy memories and add an incredibly strong personal touch to your promotions. The mere thought of the simple past and the good old days will have a calming effect on everyone in the uncertain world of today.

Explore the fashion trends of the ‘90s that are trending now and add a simplicity tag to your promotions that will make your event stand out for something different.


Custom Fanny Pack

Fanny Packs or running belts are a rage these days. Apart from offering a hands- free convenience these handy toting option is the best way to carry basic essentials like PPE items, cards, keys and more o while on the move without being weighed down by a bulky travel bag. Choose from a wide range of models , colors and price rates to find something that aligns with your promotional theme.

Heathered Running Belts

Gel Pens

It is fun to follow the colorful trails that gel pens leave behind on notebooks every time we scribble or doodle. Gel pens indeed will add some fun and flair to even a low key promotion. Budget friendly and easy to distribute, these logo items even make mailer items or trade show swag.

Function Erasable Gel Ballpoints Pens

Rubik Cub

Rubik Cube continues to be an addictive puzzle that could leave people engrossed on solving it for hours on end. Customize these toys with your logo and message and add a fun twist to your marketing campaign.

Rubik's® 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

Throw back tin  Lunchbox

Throw back tin Lunchbox will bring back the 80s school days! Metal clasp closure with full size collapsible black plastic handle make these tin lunch boxes easy to pack and carry. You can even use it as a treasure box for all your collectibles. These  sleek and stylish lunch boxes offer ample advertising space to display your logo in full color. Why not add some surprise gifts like food and candy to drive up the fun? Your clients will indeed love to get this one-of-a-kind gift.

Throwback Tin Lunch Boxes


Slap Bracelets could be quintessential fashion accessories of the 90s , but these are loved by all ages. No matter whether you wish to customize these as awareness event handouts or team spirit items, these brilliantly colored custom bracelets will make the best conversations starter in town. You can even choose this Reflective Snap Wrist Band as a popular giveaway for schools, 5K races, and events.

Reflective Slap Safety Wristbands

It is not over yet! Make sure to explore our complete line of custom gifts that will pack a retro twist to your campaign and impress the audience.