Custom Mailer Gift Ideas That Will Motivate And Inspire Your Team

Though most organizations have settled fully well into the new normal of their team working remote and away from office, it is important to find ways to connect with the team, inspire them to go that extra mile and thank them.

Though Zoom and Slack platforms bring the whole team together on virtual platforms,  organizations may have to consider tangible promotional gifts  to keep the team engaged and in great team spirit. As many businesses are likely to make work from home arrangements long-term, marketers have to adapt to the new system effectively to ensure the wellness, happiness and productivity of the team.


Home office gifts are ideal to show your appreciation for the employees and make them feel valued.  These can be sent out for any appreciation days, company milestones or in fact any time throughout the year to show that you care.

Gifts that add cheer to the work spaces

Creating cheerful work spaces could mean a lot for your employees. So if you’re looking for employee appreciation ideas, giveaways like  scented candles, stress relievers,  plush toys  etc will make great options.

Sparta Aromatherapy Wax Candles

Tech Accessories

Let your team members stay connected and secure with custom tech accessories like noise canceling headphones,  wireless charging pads, web cam covers, blue tooth speakers  and blue light blocking glasses for eye protection and more. These will optimize their productivity and make the work hours interesting and hassle free.

Clip-on Privy Blockers with Screen Cleaner

Stay Hydrated with Custom Drinkware

Keep your employees well fueled by handing out  gifts like custom can coolers. With every sip, they will be inspired at the thought of being part of your organization and the enterprising team that will power up their brains to enhance their paradigm levels. Trail mix, coffee powder, chocolate etc are some of the many gift ideas on offer.

Bling Kan-Tastic

Encourage personal Fitness

Motivate your team to go beyond the expectations by keeping them energized with these custom fitness items like stretch bands,  Pedometers and the new normal staples of face masks among others.

Custom Printed Exercise Bands

Work from Home Kits to Really Impress

To make it easy for you to choose the best and the most appropriate handouts, we have also set up work from home kits that include everything that they may ever need.

Work From Home Kits

Fun Hours

At the end of a workday, your team deserves a break and family time.  Some of the handouts include playing cards, coloring books , kitchen accessories and so much more that will help them to pursue their hobbies.

Playing Cards in Plastic Case

We have a lot more. Just browse along to choose gifts that you think will impress your employees to get your custom gifts at the doorstep of every employee, to being a smile on their faces.