Top Promotional Products For Spring Events 2021

Promotional products should ideally be top functional so that your audience will use it every day and get engaged with your brand in the process. Here is  a quick list of some of the spring season swag that you will find interesting.

There is never a time people don’t need one of these. So, anything imprinted on these custom giveaways will cheer up your clients and make your message part of their life style and outdoor activities.



Offered in a wide range of interesting models including  umbrellas with safety reflective borders and hands free umbrellas or antiwind umbrellas, there is something special for everyone. You can even choose these inverted umbrellas that are designed to keep the rain water within its folds  without spilling on to the floors! And with your logo printed on one or alternate panels or even the whole canopy, custom umbrellas make a great handout for employees and clients during the outdoor season ahead.

Customized Full-Color Canopy Printing - Single Canopy

Promotional jackets

Stylish, light weight and travel friendly custom jackets are just right for the evening spring season drizzles and the nip in the air. Think of some creative designs, call to action n message and more to make your logo items look great and make your recipients smile.

 Tote bags

Reusable, trendy and long lasting, custom totes add a different dimension to your brand publicity.  By handing out these reusable bags you can also highlight your social commitment and ecofriendly credentials. Versatile and casual, totes can effortlessly cater to a range of toting needs of your recipients.

Whether it is shopping, beach trips , picnics or a day at work, totes will always look trendy. Fancy something original? Check out these nautical themed totes that will make your brand stand out even in a crowd. Choose from various color choices.

Cotton Canvas Nautical Tote Bags

Wellness items

Choose PPE items that not just keep your recipients safe from infections but keep them outdoor ready as well. PPE kits with lip balm is an excellent choice that will ensure the best of pampering and hygiene.

Out of the Box PPE Kit with Box Lip Balm

Full color dye sublimated face masks will add a speck of brilliant colors to the outdoor accessories of your clients and go well with the brilliant spring colors as well.

Dye Sublimated 3-Layer Mask

Carabiner hand sanitizers that can be attached to bags or purses to carry wherever they go and cooling towels that keep them well chilled even in sweltering days are some of the other  handouts  for the gift bags for the outdoor season.

Need more? Browse our outdoor and sports gift section for fresh tips and ideas to make your handouts the best.