Custom Reusable Water Bottles For An Ecofriendly Business Event

World Environment Day is here and it is the best time for businesses to highlight their ecofriendly credentials and social commitment. Apart from organizing nature walks, 5k marathons and fund raising events, including ecofriendly logo items in your promotions will make a smart way to celebrate nature.


As people become increasingly eco-conscious, businesses have been incorporating eco-friendly products into their promotional marketing strategy more than ever. Ecofriendly water bottles, which alone take credit to being worth over $8 billion will make a great choice.

Why Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Reusable  custom water bottles can help us save 17 million barrels of oil required to create a single year’s supply of standard plastic water bottles. Offered in a wide range of colors, capacities and models, these logo items will encourage your recipients to stay hydrated and healthy in their busy life.

Reusable water bottles like 20 Oz AquaSoul™ Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles have one of the lowest costs per impressions as these will continue to make brand impressions during its whole shelf life at one time investment. Water bottles travel with your recipients wherever they go. So, you can imagine the exposure your brand will get every time they travel, go to the beach or picnic- it is not just home or office alone! So every time they carry these travel friendly, thermal insulated water bottles somewhere, your company name will get exposed to a new group of individuals.

 20 Oz AquaSoul™ Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

The best part is that these reusable promotional items will position your company as an entity that is committed to protect the environment, which will surely impress your audience. Studies show that customers favor businesses that are eco conscious.

Here are some of the water bottles that will fit in your promotional plan

Copper Vacuum Bottle

Whether it is refreshing drink or piping hot coffee, when you these insulated bottles you can get it all and more. These  double-wall stainless steel vacuum design features a copper insulation that allow you to keep cold beverages cold  and hot beverages  hot for a long time  that too without condensation on the outside of the bottle. Ideal for people on the move, these trendy water bottles make great handouts during milestone events, employee appreciation days and more.

Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles

Flip top bottles

Add a pop of color to your branded water bottles with these attractive branded bottles that are designed to make heads turn. Easy to carry on the move and sip in style without spillage, these sports bottles are available in a wide range of colors too.

Printed Aluminum Sports Bottles with Flip Top Lid

16 Oz Swig Stainless Steel Woodtone Bottles

Bringing together fashion and functionality in equal measures, these bottles exude a classic charm of wood finish in its design.  These BPA free, stainless steel bottles have a wide mouth opening that makes it easy to fill the contents and clean the bottle. The double wall construction will enable the users to  keep liquids hot or cold as they wish for long hours. It’s a very stylish way of helping out the environment. The big plus- your recipients will love to flaunt the wood finish wherever they go!

16 Oz Swig Stainless Steel Woodtone Bottles

 Synergy Glass Sports Bottles

Make others jealous with these stylish glass bottles made of  High Borosilicate Glass with Silicone Sleeve. The screw-on, spill-resistant lid, easy carry handle and also BPA free design make it an absolute crowd pleaser. Color options include a clear bottle with Fuchsia, Black, Blue, Red, or Neon Green Silicone Sleeve. These bottles keep the liquids odor free and at ideal temperature while still providing an exterior that is safe to touch.

24 Oz Promotional Synergy Glass Sports Bottles

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