Innovative Ideas To Market Your Business  For Free Literally!

Every business needs marketing to thrive; however not all businesses many have the budget to plan a full-fledged promotional campaign. Advertising is critical, but did you know that it can be relatively inexpensive!


Here are some smart ways that will keep your message well hoisted at low budget or on a nonexistent budget! Does it sound too good to be true? Browse along and you will find some very simple yet overlooked strategies that can be weaved into your promotional plan.

Create Personal relations

A personalized relationship with your customers will go a long way in enhancing your goodwill and popularity.  Exchange pleasantries, meet the shoppers in person and leave a personal touch to your business deals. Learn valuable information about your customers and ensure personal attention to please them.



People love freebies in any form. Whether it is product samples or promotional gifts, these logo items will keep your brand in their plain view and serve as long lasting reminders. It provides a feeling of rapport and warmth towards your brand- always a plus!
Corporate gifts

Press releases

Place your brand in local papers and publications with regular updates and stories to reach out to the local community. Share information on your promotions and business practices to pique interest among the readers and engage them with your brand consistently.



Add a pop of color and a retro twist to your campaigns with the old world promotional tactics of custom banners and sign boards. Whether it is on community bulletin boards or telephone poles, signs will make a great way to spread the word.  Do check your local laws to see whether signs are permissible in that particular locality.


 Rewards for referrals

Make sure to reward customers who send in new leads; it will make them feel well appreciated and brand loyal. Whether it is discounts or credit points, rewards will surely encourage your customers to refer your brand more often!

Get More Referrals With Promotional Gifts For Your Business!

Social media platforms

Needless to say, in today’s digital world, there can’t be a better way to reach out to people than through social media. Exploit the popularity of popular platforms like facebook or Instagram to draw more people. These free sites will give a lot of impetus to your promotions and campaigns and most importantly will help you get the word out the fastest way possible. Share the hottest news and the latest trends and create interest among your audience.

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Can you think of a few more marketing tactics that cost marketers nothing? Tell us more on our facebook page; we look forward to hear from you.