Top Tips To Celebrate World Environment Day

Every year, World environment day is observed on June 5th as part of the UN’s initiative for encouraging worldwide awareness to ensure a healthier global environment for current and future generations.Empower them to be responsible global citizens and do their part to make a difference  in the world.


So, are you looking for some top tips to observe this day in your workplace and to make your team environmentally conscious?

Encourage your employees to use public transport

 Firstly, inspire your employees to walk, cycle, use public transport or car pool to reduce air pollution. Switching to a hybrid or electric vehicle is another brilliant life style change, that can be made during this period.


Organize interactive sessions

Discussions or talks with people in environmental organizations are a great way to inspire; and make employees aware of how they can make this world a better place to live. Some of your employees can even lead a brown-bag discussion at lunchtime.  Post the updates on social media to spread the word and highlight your ecofriendly traits.

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Give Out Awards

In addition, your organization can institute awards and custom ecofriendly giveaways for employees to recognize their environmental stewardship. Even their small scale gestures like switching off lights and electronics when not in use will make a great impact on the long run. This will be a morale booster for the team to continue their ecofriendly tasks in whatever way possible. By running the awards you can get people talk about environmental issues and send across a powerful social message.

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Raise Money

You can also organize a fund raising event for non profits like nature clubs.  Whether you make a donation, organize sponsorships, cake sales or other fund-raising events, this endeavor will get a lot of publicity and good reviews. Being associated with a social cause is the best way to stand out in the competition; because customers support businesses that are socially responsible more than entities that are focused only on profit making.

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Experience Nature

In addition, plan a nature walk, plant saplings in the local park or organize nature photography contests for your team. It will not just enhance the employees’ awareness but will enable them to explore the beauty of nature and its treasures. A corporate camping, golf weekend or a trekking to a mountain nearby can be great options for your team to unwind and relax as well. Make sure to share the snapshots in your social media and company websites to show you are actively involved in environmental causes.


 Go Beyond Plastic

Make your office paperless or plastic free to the extent possible. Switch to ecofriendly custom gifts like wheat straw tumblers, reusable ecofriendly totes or recyclable note pads among others. It will make your business more sustainable in many other ways as well like lesser carbon footprints, more energy efficiency and a strong environmental standard. Customers prefer businesses that are sensitive to the environmental issues. So being ecofriendly will make your brand crowd favorite too.

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