Custom Personal Security Kits- Appropriate Handouts In The New Normal World

The pandemic concerns are forcing people to think differently and shop safely. More customers are drifting towards businesses that are more serious in ensuring their personal safety and offer a safe and secure shopping experience.


Apart from the basic things like social distancing signage, free face masks and sanitizing stations personal safety kits have become  popular in-store safety staples. These all-in-one kits make it easy for  your customers to stay safe and hygienic while they shop.

Printed Bella+Canvas® Daily Face Masks

Why Offer safety kits?

Personal safety kits are cost effective and highly useful in the prevailing situation. The best part is that  it will relieve you of the hassle of customizing several different health and safety products for your business. Put your brand on this useful lit  that has everything customers need and impress your audience easily.

Custom Personal Protection Classic Kit - Full Color Insert

Best Products to Have in Your Safety Kit

Safety kits too have undergone a transformation post pandemic. People are swapping bandages for more relevant items like masks or sanitizers.  You can set up safety kits to suit the needs of your target audience and your budget.So, what are the ideal products that your safety kits should include.  Take a look.

Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers will ensure hand hygiene and will reduce the risks of contamination. Here are a few things to remember.

Make sure that the hand sanitizer contains between 62% and 95% ethyl alcohol for it to be effective against germs.

Printed Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Spray or Gel: Though both are effective, you can choose the best models to suit the specific needs of the customers. For instance, spray hand sanitizer in liquid form dries faster while gel is easy to use and carry around.

Expiry date:  Hand sanitizers have a fairly long expiration date and will remain effective  for a long time.

Face Masks

Facemasks are available in a wide range of models like reusable and disposable masks. Reusable facemasks are economical and ecofriendly and make great handouts to your clients and customers. Choose from  various colors and material choices. There are even interesting alternatives like bandana face covering or neck gaiters. These are effective in blocking out harmful aerosols , pollen and other elements and will enhance the visibility of your brand.

 Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters

Disposable facemasks are ideal  during travelling as these can be disposed off safely after use. These are great choices for businesses like hotels that will find these single use masks a great choice for their guests.

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

Antiseptic Wipes

You can rely on the effective task masters of wet wipes for  a quick wipe of your hands or work desks. Offered in a wide range of packages, these are portable and disposable as well. It will play an important role in keeping  your customers  safe from getting exposed to  filthy touch points.

10 Piece Sanitizer Wet Wipes In Re-Sealable Pouch

Facemask keepers

Having a facemask will keep the users safe from exposure and droplet contamination. However, the masks have to be kept safe from exposure every time the users take it out during eating out or washing their face. This is what makes facemask keepers a great choice. These will keep the masks safe and at easy access on a lanyard  that can be branded.

1/2 Inch Polyester Mask Keepers

We have  a lot more useful items that will make a perfect addition to your custom personal safety items. Browse our collection and come up with a unique safety kit that your recipients will surely find useful.