Custom Hand Sanitizers – Show that you Care

Custom hand sanitizers have always been around though nobody gave it a thought until the pandemic crisis took the world by storm. As hand hygiene continues to be the best way to stay safe from germs and reduce the risks of infections, sanitizers have become the most sought after items in promotional handouts.

Businesses will find sanitizers a great giveaways for their clients and customers not just to promote their brand but   popularize the good practice of washing hands often. Hand sanitizers are available in various models like gel, spray, liquid and wipes. Choose a model and quantity that will match the needs of your target audience and your budget alike.

For schools and office , jumbo bottles that can be refilled in smaller dispensers will make a great choice. Most sanitizers are alcohol based. Makes sure to choose sanitizers with atleast 62% of ethyl alcohol to make sure that it eliminates most germs.


Carabiner sanitizers are well suited for people o the move or travelling employees. Wet wipes are convenient options for children as these are easy to use and hassle free. Spray pens are  non messy and easy to use on the go.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer With Carabiner

Infections happen when people come in contact with filthy touch points in offices, retail shops, public transport etc.  The only way to stay safe is to wash hands with hand sanitizers regularly to wipe off germs and prevent it from entering the body.

Useful promotional items like sanitizers will make a great addition to your marketing mix and a superb way to create brand familiarity. Studies have shown that the majority of recipients of branded promo items keep these because they find it useful.

32 Oz Premier Pure Hand Sanitizers

 Hand sanitizers are versatile and highly useful, which makes it an exceptional way to expand your brand’s reach. The more these logo items stay in plain view of your audience the more will be your brand recognition

 Sanitizers come handy to ensure hand hygiene when there is no access to soap and water and help prevent infection. Easy to use, share among multiple users and carry wherever you go, custom hand sanitizers will make a great way to spread the word and set off word of mouth publicity.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel

Invest in custom Hand Sanitizers and grow your brand without  breaking  your marketing budget. The big plus is that  it is a subtle way to highlight your social commitment and show that you care for the wellness of your prospects as well. Order now!