Labor Day- Celebrating the American work force ( Infographics)

Labor Day was originally started in New York City in 1882 when  union leaders joined forces to protest against  unfair labor practices.  In 1894,  the first Monday of September was officially made as Labor day.

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Labor Day  is not all about rallies, public speeches, fireworks displays and  public gatherings  but also happens to be the last long  weekend of summer. It  gives a solid reason for people to party , plan cookout nights and have some fun in the company of their friends and family. Businesses handout custom Labor Day gifts to their employees as a mark of appreciation and to enhance  team pride and loyalty.

On the occasion of Labor day, it will interesting to take a look at some of the facts and figures from the job market in the country.

54% of U.S. Employees are Overall Satisfied with Their Job:   Around 54% of U.S. workers are satisfied with their employment. It is  the highest level of job satisfaction reported in 20 years and  second-biggest increase ever in surveys. An improved labor market has been a key factor in boosting job satisfaction among the American workers.


At 58% Minnesota was the state with the highest job satisfaction in 2019:  In a survey, 58% employees rated Minnesota as the state with the highest job satisfaction. It ranked first among 45 regions surveyed for workplace satisfaction based on various factors of well-being including like relationships, positive vibes and sense of meaning.

Job satisfaction is improving faster in lower-income group: Better working conditions and appreciation motivate employees to ensure improved productivity. Greater job satisfaction can result in less conflict between employers and labor groups and more motivation and cordial relations in the work place.

Overall job satisfaction increased for the seventh year in a row:  Wages and  job security saw the biggest improvements for 7 consecutive years following the Great Recession. It is a matter of joy  and pride for every American worker.

Top three factors that made jobs interesting–  Surveys show that for most employees a higher pay check necessarily is not the reason that made their job interesting! The three top factors were  Colleagues at work, commute to work and interest in work.