Custom Nuts will let your logo reach your hearts through their taste buds

Let’s admit it. Everybody will go nuts over the perfectly seasoned delicacies including cashew, peanuts, pistachios, trail mix and the like! You don’t need an excuse to hand out a jar of custom nuts as these are well received all round the year. Though custom nut gift packs make perfect gifts especially during Christmas or Halloween, these can be handed out any time anywhere. Be it as an end of the year sales gift to your clients, an appreciation gift for your employees, or as party favors, these unusual corporate gifts go down well with every type of promotional theme.

Promotional Candy Window Tin Filled with Peanuts

Custom nut packets make perfect gifts for tradeshows, store openings, events and conventions and people will love to munch these calorie packed nuts right away at the tradeshow venue to put your logo on a proud display. The tasty nuts will tempt them to take a closer look at your logo and business message that will leave a delightful impression in their minds. The prominent imprint area on the pouches or the stylish containers will carry off your logo and business image with style.

Custom nuts make appropriate promotional gifts to promote wellness solutions, bakers, restaurants and much more. ProImprint has an assortment of all your favorite nuts that will make leave a unique flavor in the minds of your recipients and make your brand well exposed. Choose from individually wrapped portions or elegant gift boxes to highlight your logo and business message and to take your logo into newer heights. Fresh and innovative gift ideas will always score a few brownie points over the stale promotional ideas. By handing out these corporate gifts, you are rest assured that your brand will stay right in front of their eyes for long.

Custom Large Gourmet Plastic Tube with Cashews

Be it a change in your address or a new website launch, promo nuts can carry all your messages, announcements and interesting offers on a high pitch that it will never miss out your target audience. Nuts are available in a range of choices and assortments and can be effectively used for all types of brand campaigns.

Here are some of the popular gift options that will surely ensure steady brand exposure.

Candy Window Tin Filled with Peanuts: This stylish, round, transparent tin filled with peanuts can be imprinted with your logo. You can even fill any of your favorite candies like peppermints, jelly beans, candy hearts, mini tarts, Trail Mix, and chocolate raisins among others.

Large Gourmet Plastic Tube with Cashews Filled with pistachios or cashews, this imprinted large gourmet plastic tube will make a gorgeous presentation. The see through attractive containers will make souvenirs even when the nuts have been used up and will continue to show off your logo for an extended period.

People of all ages, genders and diet choices love nuts and this will give you yet another valid reason to hand these out during outdoor events or store openings as freebies. Custom logo nuts can reach out to a wider audience easily and this fun to use item will put your brand in full view. Easy to distribute as handouts or mailer items, nuts will never fail to gain and retain the interest in your logo. Hand these out and see how these small gifts can turn the tide in your favor in brand promotions!

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