Custom Music Umbrellas With Bluetooth Speaker- Outdoor Party Fun Can’t Get Any Better!

It is not just an ordinary umbrella that will keep you safe from rain and sun! These attractive 8 panel umbrellas in a range of colors have 2 built-in water resistant speakers with blue tooth connectivity.  38mm steel frame construction, crank opening and UV treated Polyester canopy are the other features that will make it a great choice for outdoor fun events, parties and picnics.

Music Umbrellas

Make the most of the beach holidays or camping fun by cranking up your favorite playlist on the move or while staying shielded under these massive 9 Ft umbrellas. These high value custom products are great for promoting golf businesses and to reach out to the beach lovers. Even when it pours or is scalding hot, they’re protected—and can tune in to their favorite music.9 Ft Promotional Music Umbrellas with Bluetooth Speaker

Golfers aren’t the only ones who will love these unique handouts; anyone on the move and are musically inclined will find these custom products  perfect. These are perfect items to promote concerts, musical events or to reach out to an audience that eats, breathes and sleeps music. These umbrellas will position your brand in the best possible way and to make your message sounds better.

Branding A Great Bluetooth Essential

Every time your customers open these Music Umbrellas with Bluetooth Speaker, your brand will be front-and-center of the people around. The massive imprint area of 19” x 12” will leave you immensely pleased as well; you can get your brand message out there, and drive a massive brand exposure even in bad weather conditions. Well, not many other promotional items can do that!

Beyond all this, Bluetooth umbrellas are chat-worthy items—people will simply love to talk about these interesting custom gifts and show it off to their friends. Each time they do so, your brand image will get a boost. This innovative and incredibly useful must-have will portray your business as something worth doing business with!

Every time they stream music without exposing the speakers to the elements, you will be the one they think of each time they do so! It makes a perfect gift choice for your employees or customers on the go that will help them make their moves without missing a beat.

Interested to place your order or want more details on these premium handouts with our team? Get in touch with us now to make the best use of the branding opportunities that these umbrellas unfurl. Let us help you to make them memorable!

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