Get To Know Your Customers Day Is On April 19th- Plan Your Promotions

Customers are an important part of any business as they sustain and make businesses grow and diversify over the years. Getting to know the customer is important for any business; it helps them find ways to keep the customers coming back to keep the business running. Reports show that top companies get most of their revenue from repeat customers. Though it is difficult to get customers to make the second purchase, by developing a personal rapport businesses can easily connect with their customers.

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Personal approach

Let your customers know that you know them by their names. Sending personal mails or handing out custom gifts with a personal note will all  go a long way in fostering relationships and would make the regular customers feel truly appreciated.


Friendly email communications will keep your customers reminded about your brand. Ask for feedbacks on your products and services and inspire them to check on your new products in a subtle way without any obvious sales pitch. Make sure not to make them feel overwhelmed with too many emails. Ideally stick to a monthly mailer pattern to keep the customers updated on your business events, discount deals and new products. Encourage customers to join a loyalty program, which will help you to wish them on birthdays and anniversaries.

Special deals

Announce discounts and deals for regular customers to let them know your appreciation. Show them that their patronage is very much valued by your organization, which in turn will make them more inclined to pop into your stores more often for their future purchases.

Thank you note

Make sure to send a personal thank you note, which will show that you’ve taken the time to acknowledge them. Add a small token gift like chocolates, scented candles, can coolers, lip balm, keychains or tech gifts will all make great choices. Customize these with your brand and thank you message and every time they see these logo items, they will be reminded of your brand and message.

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Personal attention will go a long way in sweetening up the business relations. Remember all those locally owned Main Street businesses of yester years where the owners knew their customers by names. Get To Know Your Customers Day will make a great time to bring back the personal flavor into business deals even in today’s fast paced ecommerce age. Make an effort to know a little more about your customers and make them feel how important are they for you!

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