The Best Custom Gifts For The Upcoming Events For The Month Of April

April is not just about spring break, April showers or April Fool jokes! The month has a lot of other events- both popular and not so popular- to its credit. Marketers planning a themed promotion can pass a quick glance through this event calendar to choose custom gifts that complement the events.

The best custom gifts for April events

Stress awareness Month: Stress busting has evolved to be a highly evolving niche, if the tremendous popularity of stress busters is any indication. Everyone strives hard to stay calm and beat stress by trying out everything they come across. Yoga centers, personality development centers, colleges and schools can all consider custom stress relievers  as their promotional swag during stress awareness month. Customize these with your brand and message to make it personal and unique.

Customized Smile Stress Relievers

National Financial Literacy Month: A penny saved is penny earned! Spread the message of healthy financial habits and encourage saving habits among your audience by handing out appropriate custom gifts like piggy banks or calculators. Every time they save small changes or calculate their monthly budget, your brand and message on these custom gifts will get a lot of attention.

Personalized Expo Calculators

Cancer Control Month: Cancer sniffs out countless precious lives every year. Spread awareness about cancer control measures, life style changes and healthy diet during this month and show your social commitment during business promotions. Some of the custom gift ideas that can be considered include ribbon shaped magnets and healthy food coloring books. Show how much you care for your recipients by handing out these logo items

Promotional Food-Healthy Eating Starts At The Supermarket Coloring Books

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month: April is ASPCA’S official Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, which is observed to help raise awareness about neglect and abuse faced by animals. It is a great time to organize fund raising events for non profits, or an adoption drive for rescue animals among others. Pet care centers and veterinary hospitals can consider custom gifts like Collapsible Travel Pet Bowls or Pet Safe Flyers among others. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect hand out on this occasion. Every time your recipients see your message or brand, they will be reminded of not just your brand but to be a responsible pet owner and a compassionate human being as well.

9 Inch Personalized Pet Safe Flyers

National Humor Month: Laughter is indeed the best medicine. No matter whether you are a hardcore fan of stand- up comedy, side splitting jokes or light hearted humor, you have a perfect excuse to laugh your lungs out during the month of April , the National humor month.  Goofy Light Bulb Pens  will make a perfect gift. These light-up pens will bring a smile on to the faces and will keep the users amused  by uttering the word “Wow everytime the users press these retractable pens to write.  Another gift choice would be these Solar Powered Dancing Monkey Toys that will keep your clients amused with some monkey pranks. These solar powered monkey toys that will twist, turn and somersault, leaving the audience in splits!

Promotional Solar Powered Dancing Monkey Toys

Have you shopped for custom gifts for the observances for the month of April?  If not, you still have just enough time to make it. Hurry!

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