Custom Gifts That Are Much More Than Just Your Brand Reminder

Don’t just give a custom product to your audience  just for the sake of it! Choose logo items that are memorable and will align with your brand identity. Your recipients will indeed be impressed with these value added gifts and will be inspired to remember your message that these items carry.

Here are some custom printed gifts that offer that extra little something extra that puts it ahead of the league.


Speaker Bottles 

Your clients can quench their thirst for  not just water but music as well with these innovative custom gifts  of Speaker Bottles . Has science gone too far?  You have a lot of interesting options around as the Pandora’s box has already been opened.

17 Oz Stainless Steel Rumble Bottle with Speakers

Emoji Stress relievers

Emojis are indeed a key part most people’s vocabulary as these come handy when overwhelming emotions leave them with few words!  emoji stress balls are a fun giveaway to get your message across especially to a younger demographic while they find these  custom stress relievers with cute faces a perfect way to vent their frustration and patch up soon after!

Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls


USB flashdrives are handy accessories to store, share and safe keep data in the new normal world of digital existence. Offered in a wide range of interesting models like bamboo USBs and so much more, these tech accessories will easily make your brand the talk of the town and very much part of the life style of your audience.

16 GB Bamboo Bullet Keyring USB 2.0 Flash Drives

Color changing tumblers

Summer outdoor fun is on the cards for most people. So, think of handouts that will complement the fun and colors of the season with these color changing tumblers that are a visual delight. Every time your prospects drink chilled or warm  beverages , they will be truly excited to show off the scintillating play of colors that accentuate your brand right in front of their eyes.

 Econo Color Changing Tumblers

Fun putty

Fun putty is a great toy for kids and kids at heart as it brings out the creative skills, stimulates brains and enhances dexterity. Designed to last long, these fun giveaways will make excellent brand reminders that are hard to miss.

Imprinted Nutty Putty

Wheat pens

Pens are one of the popular custom products for marketers considering the limitless options on offer plus low price advantage that only writing instruments can ensure. Why settle for an ordinary pen when you have these ecofriendly wheat pens that are planet first!

Made from the reclaimed wheat stalks, these pens will highlight your social commitment and brand identity in style. Your recipients will have a solid reason to endorse your brand on these thoughtful giveaways that can indeed make a difference in the world!

Chico Wheat Writer Pens

Metallic Rainbow Lip Moisturizer Balls: This  Vanilla Flavored lip balm, safety sealed in a stunning rainbow colored container will keep the recipients look beautiful while being pretty collectibles in their personal care kits.

Metallic Rainbow Lip Moisturizer Balls

Above are just some ideas for unique promotional products, browse along to find countless gift ideas that your target demographic would love!