How to Be Cool With Your Summer Promotional Swag

Summer is about brighter days and exciting outdoors. It also gives businesses the opportunity to build your brand  through interesting outdoor promotions and  summer promotional swag that will turn on their audience! Whether it is concerts, fairs, festivals or beach events, summer promotional products offer a lot of handouts to choose from.


You can include a diverse range of logo items in your marketing plan including summer apparels, outdoor accessories, sun protection items, tech items, or PPE staples, to make the time out of your clients a little more interesting.

 Stay ahead in the game

Marketers should prepare themselves early for the change of seasons. Sooner the better as it will meet the expectations of your recipients, which in turn will work in your favor. Think of both classic and trendy summer staples like cotton T shirts, cooler bags, insulated travel mugs, sunglasses, tote bags and a lot of other everyday items that matter the most during summer

Medium Cotton Canvas Yacht Tote Bags

Seasonal trends

Seasons bring along with it a lot of trends and popular staples that will remain in top demand all through the summer season. Though seasonal products may be relevant only in a particular season, the impact that it leaves behind is tremendous for the marketers who invest in these seasonal favorites. Businesses can easily gain more traffic  by using these specific customized items than a regular average tide of interest with a broad range of products.

Men's Banfield Short Sleeve Polo

Supply what is in demand

In summer, it is sensible to stock up some great branded summer gear including custom polo shirts, hats, picnic sets, lip balm or sunscreen among others that will provide everything your clients and employees could possibly need for their holiday.

These popular handouts not just grab easy attention but will  show that you care and know what is relevant to the audience. It is a smart strategy to enhance the goodwill of your brand.

SPF 50 Sunscreen in Jumbo Tube

 Think out of the box!

Try to explore original promotional products and giveaways that are new and interesting. Stay away from the temptation of using the same tried and tested items that have always been part of your marketing mix.

Your recipients will indeed be excited to get handouts that are something new and that they haven’t seen before. For instance, gifts like self sanitizing water bottles are not just trending  but are also highly relevant in the new normal world.

HD-200 Self-Sanitizing 17 Oz Water Bottles With UV-C Light Cap

Innovative models like speaker tumblers or USB umbrellas are some of the many giveaways that are worth a  closer look. These products will help you to broaden your reach within your target audience!

Solar Charging USB Umbrellas

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