Promotional Candles- Handouts that Cheer  Up  Your Recipients

Let’s be frank about it! Scented candles can change the mood of any room into a warm, soft lit space and ensure a relaxing ambiance. Offered in various sizes, scents and colors, scented candles can be used as décor pieces as table center pieces , flower arrangement accents and even as dinner table settings. By handing out these custom aromatherapy items, marketers can literally get their message right into the  living spaces and work spaces of their clients and customers.


Candles in beautiful glass bowls and pots can be hung around your garden to give it that extra twinkle or placed in the bath for a surreal experience. Your recipients will indeed be spoilt for choice when they have these versatile handouts like candles on hand.

Candles make a crucial item in any aromatherapy kits as these will leave everyone relaxed and stress free apart from enhancing the milieu. It is amazing that a few of these modest candles is all required to enhance the vibes of any room to an extra ordinary level.

Whitner Aromatherapy Wax Candles

Available in a wide range of interesting models ranging from small tea lights to wick candles and those in glass bowls and heart shaped metal containers among others. These logo items not get your message across but bring a sense of calm in to anyone’s life. It therefore quite natural that your brand printed on these will be associated with a relaxing feeling for your recipients.

Scented candles are available in various soothing aromas that will lift the spirits and make everyone happy and upbeat. The wafting smell of fresh linen or a citrus scent can make even a boring and difficult day to something better.

Sparta Aromatherapy Wax Candles

The best part is that candles are budget friendly handouts that can be used lavishly in all types of events and promotions. No matter whether you wish to give these as mailer gifts, stocking stuffers, purchase gifts or thank you tokens, candles will always be well received and used regularly.

Little Window Aromatherapy Candle Tins

The option of multicolor imprints will further enhance the possibility of your brand standing out in style. Some models like citronella scented candles are even widely used as a repellent against mosquito and other insects at night.The best part is that scented candles are versatile handouts that will please everyone and will easily get your brand into the wide family  audience comprising of all age groups.

Libbey Bowl Aromatherapy Candles

Explore the complete range of these custom gifts  on offer and light up your brand and the lives of your recipients all at once.