Custom Employee Gifts  For The Office and Daily Commute

Probably you might have used custom office work desk items as your promotional swag many a time. However, it is high time that you spare a thought at the transit woes of your employees to find custom gifts that will make both their work and commute enjoyable and easier.

This blog post has some interesting gift ideas that you may find useful.


A disorganized work table is a nightmare for any employee and will make a bad start for their day. Strewn around paper bits, missing pens and USB flash drives can all play a havoc to the smooth working  pattern of the employees.

Here are some budget friendly handouts that will keep the work desks well organized and  help the employees to start their day on a sure note.

Pen holders are useful to keep not just the pens and pencils in order but can be used to keep their business cards and even charging cords or USB drives safe. Pens make another must- have item for every work desk. Your team will find it useful to note down tasks, notes and reminders. Choose from a wide range of pens like stylus pens and wooden pens to add a variety to the plain work desks. Get these logo items imprinted with your logo and message to get your message noticed.

Grenado Bettoni® Rollerball Pens

Imprinted portfolios will get a lot of attention and appreciation even during board meetings, conferences, company events and more. Choose from a wide range of models including leatherette models, microfiber models and more that are designed to last long and look great. Plus it is  a smart way to add a professional touch to the work desks and  keep the notes organized and tidy.

Large Microfiber Portfolios with Embossed PVC Trim

Tech Accessories

Tech accessories like powerbanks and earbuds make great handouts to consider for both at work and during commute to keep the gadgets on and to stay tuned to the happenings in office or to relax  over  movies and music on the move!

UL Listed Mega-Charge Power Banks


Music makes the best travel companion that can cut the distance by half !  Custom headphones and earbuds make one of the ideal  choices for both at work and commute. invest in these logo items to impress your employees.

Active Wear Bluetooth Headphones

Metal travel tumblers

Perfect for the desks and for the commute, insulated metal tumblers make a value added gift for your employees. Offered in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors , tumblers are probably one of the fastest ways of getting your message noticed as these will be used by people travelling through different cities or even different countries, putting your brand constantly on display! Useful and handy, these logo items make giveaways to promote your brand to the wider public without being intrusive.

16 Oz Double Wall Phantom Tumblers

Travel set items like inflatable neck pillow, eye mask or soft earplugs are  thoughtful handouts or anyone on the move. Plus is a great opportunity for your potential customers to become familiar with your company.

Foam Ear Plug Set In Case

By choosing gifts that are well suited for work desks and commute, you can enhance your brand visibility and  get your message across to a wider audience beyond the office space! Did you find this post informative? Share and spread the word!