A Round Up of Budget Friendly Handouts that will Never Fail!

As they say “the best things in life are almost free”. In the world of promotional gifts, there are countless budget friendly gifts that will impress your audience and work nonstop for your brand. Unfortunately, most of these logo items are almost always overlooked and taken for granted. These budget friendly handouts that won’t cost you an arm or leg will keep your message in plain sight of your audience and enhance your brand visibility with ease.

Here are some custom gift suggestions

Budget deals


A must- have on any work desk or bag,  custom pens have been part of the  life style for a long time. Offered in a wide range of models including stylus pens, antimicrobial models and novelty pens, these logo items will perfectly align with any branding theme  while matching your budget

Wheat Writer Stylus Pens


Though most people consider it as obsolete tools in this digital world, pencils are coming back big time these days. Offered in various models and colors, wooden pencils will evoke nostalgic memories in everyone.

Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils

Key chains

Key chains not just keep the keys well organized but make an expression of  the personal tastes and preferences of the users. Offered in a wide range of interesting shapes and colors Keychains are handouts that remain in hot demand.

Mask Keeper Keychains


A smart replacement to lanyards, wristbands make great handouts during awareness events and corporate game days and fund raising events. Get your message out during a new product launch or milestone event by getting these into the hands of people at tube stations and street corners to ensure a great brand display!

Reflective Wrist Bands

Water bottles

Keep both your audience and your brand image refreshed with these custom water bottles. Offered in various materials, models  and color choices, custom water bottles will make a great handout for your clients and employees. Show that you care while staying on budget with these high utility handouts.

12 Oz Twig Stainless Vacuum Water Bottles

Wet wipes

A norm  in the new normal world, these antibacterial wet wipes  will make your recipients safe at work or on the move. These are often shared in the friends’ circles of your audience, which in turn will take your message farther ahead.

10 Pack Wipes in Sealed Packs

Lip balm

An outdoor summer staple, custom lip balm will literally gloss off your message and make it well noticed. Choose from various popular flavors and make your message part of their daily life style.

Metallic Rainbow Lip Moisturizer Balls

Wild flower bookmarks

Show your ecofriendly credentials and impress the green thumbed audience with these budget friendly handouts that are hard to beat!

Plant-A-Shape Wildflower Seed Bookmarks

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