A Few Sound Reasons For You To Invest In Custom Yoga Mats

Yoga is popular among everyone in the US. From small and intimate yoga studios to sprawling fitness centers and clubs, yoga classes are  easily available these days.The yoga community is a large and growing market and to get your message across to this robust community, custom yoga mats will make a great gift choice.


Yoga is probably most popular among  young women in their 20’s & 30’s for its health benefits, stress relief and fitness benefits. A small fraction of yogis pursue yoga in a very serious way to seek meditative and spiritual development beyond health benefits.

Lotus Bound Foldable Yoga Mats

Reports show that  number of yoga practitioners in the US was forecast to grow to around 55 million by 2020 from over 36 million in 2016, which will be about 16.5 per cent of all Americans doing yoga at that time. The 2019 world wide survey of American College of Sports Medicine on Fitness Trends ranked yoga seventh on a list of ‘Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends. Thus it is a proven fact that Yoga is here to stay as part of  the American life style for a long time to come!

Yoga Mat and Carrying Bags

Custom yoga mat is the basic item any yoga practitioner may need. Apart from providing a grip on the surface it will help the users to practice their poses with poise and confidence. Offered in a wide range of models, sizes and colors, custom yoga mats flaunt a massive imprint space for you to place your brand and message.

1/4 Inch Yoga Mats with Carry Bags

It’s a custom promotional  gift that will be well retained by everyone  who has an interest in yoga. Interestingly these versatile mats also double up as picnic mats or beach mats, which in turn will further enhance the usability of these accessories and your brand visibility. Choose from various trending models like foldable mats, mats with carry bags, extra large mats and a lot more.

3/20 Inch Yoga Mat with Straps

Custom yoga mats are not just for health and fitness niches as these  make popular employee handouts and client giveaways today thanks to the better awareness on the holistic benefits of yoga among people of all walks of life. Yoga mats are perennially popular and can be handed out during any time as it is not influenced by seasonal trends, colors or other  fashion traits. It will give marketers an added advantage as they can order in bulk to stock up for all their upcoming events and save on bulk rates.

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