Reasons why Marketers Love Logo Coffee Tumblers

Custom coffee tumblers have always been a trusted choice as promotional items for marketers. Reusable, fashionable and above all ecofriendly, you have so many solid reasons to invest in these custom giveaways. In addition, it will also meet your consumers’ changing needs while your brand remains relevant in consumers’ eyes.


Interesting handouts like coffee tumblers are not just for promoting cafes and restaurants but can be used for all types of business events, thanks to  its universal appeal. A delightful addition to every home or office, custom tumblers will surely get your message across to a wide range of coffee loving customers including family audience.

6 Reasons Why custom tumblers are winners

Strategic imprint space

Tumblers have a high visibility imprint space that will get your logo right in front of the eyes of your recipients. This strategic brand positioning will motivate customers to buy your exclusive products.

Lasting Impressions

Moreover, these reusable tumblers enjoy a long shelf life, during which it will make consistent impressions. The strategic placement of your message coupled with the incredible choices on offer will create lasting impressions on customers.  In addition, being ecofriendly, logo tumblers will spread awareness on environment protection as well.


Coffee tumblers are available in various models like metal and ceramic among others , which will give the marketers a lot of choices . Apart from keeping the beverages warm for a long time, custom coffee mugs will make a great décor item on every work desk.  Tumblers are also ideal gift choices as fund raising items, corporate gifts, employee appreciation giveaways and more. No matter how you wish to use these drinkware items, custom tumblers will never fail to work for your brand.

Healthier Option

Further, custom reusable tumblers are a healthier option than plastic cups, which often leaches harmful chemicals when they are filled with hot liquids. Reusable tumblers do not leach chemicals into the drinks and enhance the drinking experience of your recipients.


Custom coffee tumblers also exude a premium look and feel when compared to disposable cups. Choose cups in sleek design and popular colors to enhance the branding impact.

Long lasting

Being reusable, custom coffee tumblers will definitely get repeated use, during which it will put your brand on a display.  Higher utility and visibility will indeed make custom tumblers a great promotional giveaway.

Keen on making your own sustainable marketing gifts of custom coffee tumblers your marketing gifts?  Reach out to our product experts in designing these giveaways for your business.