Customize Teachers Lanyards for Back to School Events

Schools are probably a particular industry where lanyards are frequently used. It comes handy for teachers, students  and employees to wear ID badges or carry sets of keys.

A new academic year is indeed a great opportunity for school management to present a unified look to teachers, administrators, and students. Thus Custom lanyards for teachers have become a popular accessory these days.

Available in various colors, prints and models, custom lanyards can be printed with your school tagline and logo to enhance  the professional image of the teachers. Moreover, lanyards come in various designs depending on their primary functions. Teachers usually hang them on their necks or clip them on their shirt pocket/belt.

Limitless choices

In addition, lanyards are also available in various models including breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards. Breakaway lanyards feature replaceable, adjustable elastic cord. So, you can separate it by applying a pressure. It is a safety feature as the lanyard will break if it gets entangled in something thereby preventing possible injuries. Non-breakaway lanyards are on the other hand  non elastic and sturdy.

Beaded lanyards

It is  ideal for teachers to hold school ID cards. Choose models in your school colors, customize with your brand to make it an ornate accessory that the teachers will simply love to wear. If you are looking for something ornamental  rather than formal, this will surely make a perfect choice. Optional doming and chain makes these custom products higher in value. The pull cord custom name badge holders make door entry and security card entries hassle free . The extendable cord has a maximum length of 24″ and they retract to the reel after use. In addition, metal clip let users attach these badge reels to belts or pockets easily.


Retractable badge holders

 It is  definitely useful for those teachers and school staff who use keycards. The retractable cord stretches easily thereby making it easy to use than regular lanyards. Available in various cord lengths, you can choose models that fit your needs. The longer the cord  is, the bigger  the reel and housing can be.


Double end lanyards

Durable and long lasting, these lanyards are especially suitable to hold identification badges.Made in USA these lanyards are full sublimation-dyed and double-ended with a smooth finish. It features a metal crimp and metal swivel bulldog clip as default.

Mask lanyards: With a dual purpose of holding facemasks and ID cards, these full color dye sublimated lanyards are made in USA. It will be a handy option in the new normal world work settings.

Consider Diverse choices

Lanyards are available in various fabric choices like nylon and polyester. School administrators can print with fun designs, school mascot or logo to make it one of its type. The swivel thumb hook on the end, make it easy to attach a badge holder or identification card.

Some models may have a safety release clip at the nape of the neck, allowing them to break away quickly when pulled. School lanyards are easy to customize for students, teachers or coaches as it is a great way to show your school spirit and get people talk about your institution!

Many schools require that students, teachers, and other employees to wear lanyards for identification. Custom  school lanyards are  indeed one of the simplest and most visible methods of identification in school and college campuses. It will also instill a feeling of unity among the students and teachers alike.

Durable and long lasting, lanyards withstand the rough and tumble of a busy academic year and fit most school regulations. So, you can choose teacher lanyards in your school colors or go for something special for the graduation year!

Ordering in bulk will help you save a lot of custom lanyards . You can even customize it in sports theme for the big game or school league. Everyone will be excited to wear a lanyard to celebrate your team! You can even hand out these custom giveaways to the proud parents and family members  to show their support.

Functional and fashionable

 Lanyards are hard working accessories that can hold Id cards, keys , pens and many other things that the teachers need to carry around . It is a handy way to keep everything in one place and at easy access. In addition, a trendy lanyard is a great way to show off  their style!

Ideal for teachers of all sections ranging from elementary schools to high schools , teachers lanyards offer something special for everyone. The fact that you can customize it exactly the way you wish to go well with the theme makes it all the more special. Can  it get any better than that?

Let’s be frank about it! It’s not hard to see why lanyards are popular: they’re easy to use, fully customizable, are budget friendly and above all offer a unique branding opportunity for schools.

Tips to consider

While choosing lanyards, consider some essential factors like material, finish and models depending on the specific needs. Secondly, think about who will be wearing the lanyards. If you are planning to buy lanyards only for your school employees you can choose from a wide range of models with various fittings and additional features.

However, if students will be wearing lanyards, it is ideal to order lanyards with a safety breakaway to prevent the snaring hazards for the active students. Thus determining who will be wearing a lanyard will  be the key in deciding the kid of lanyards they should get.

Custom branding your lanyards presents a unique  branding opportunity and show pride in their school  colors  for the employees. In addition , during sporting events , you can sell these custom lanyards at the school gift shop to earn money.

Lanyards can be used to raise funds and promote a good cause. Print lanyards with a social cause or a positive message  that will relate easily with both students and teachers to highlight your school culture and social commitment.

For instance, schools can use autism awareness lanyards or anti bullying lanyards to help educate students about this and to stand up for the cause. Thus , by adding lanyards with a cause, you can create a positive and welcoming atmosphere in schools.

If you’re interested in ordering custom lanyards for your school,  browse our complete line of lanyards in various styles. Choose the lanyard that fits your need or reach out to our team for tips.