Fun White Elephant Christmas Gifts That Everyone will Want

The holidays are almost upon us. It is a great time for marketers to ante up to shop for the most trending white elephant Christmas gifts in town.

Most people are likely to have a few  white elephant parties on their cards. So you want to be as prepared for that as well with some great gifts in every budget range. Whether you are hosting parties in office or community, these creative tips will help you get the best gifts.

Everyone buys a gift that’s worth the same amount; and the members of the group get to pick a random gift. Since there are so many different gift ideas that cover all the bases, you can obviously choose some exceptional custom gifts worth stealing! Choose hilarious gag gift that’ll turn on  the party  mood  or office-friendly gifts that everyone will approve. You have indeed a lot of choices on the platter. It goes without saying that the more unique the gifts are bigger the laughs, these bring!

Budget is the watch word

Since many white elephant gift exchanges have set budgets, you should also match the gifts with the budget on hand. Whether you need quirky and fun gifts or something functional and nice, you will find it all and more in this list. At the end of the day, it will depend on the theme and the group.

These gift ideas will  get the ball rolling and liven up any holiday party.

Cocktail gifts

Set up a gift pack including the basic essentials that will make any cocktail party a blast. Some of the items that can surely go into these can include bottle openers, metal wine glasses and more. Lastly, pack it in a trendy wine carrier imprinted with your holiday greetings, and you are all set to rock the party!

Skincare  kits

Winter is infamous for being harsh on the skin. So, why not let your prospects stay beautiful even in frosty weather with these gifts? Some of the items that can go into this kit include lip balm, sunscreen, compact mirror and anything else that you may find relevant. Pack it in this holiday inspired metallic colored cosmetic bag, to add a perfect finishing touch to your white elephant gift!

Fun and games

From playing cards to fidget spinners , push pop up stress relievers , or the old fashioned Yo Yo, you have tons of choices in this category. You can even include flyers or balls for the outdoorsy people.  Your logo and message imprinted on these will indeed get a lot of attention. So, if you have been looking for a gift that will instantly bring a wide smile on your recipients, this could well be the best gift choice.

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