Custom calendar magnets – The brand promotional gifts that work all around the year

Custom calendar magnets let you leave your brand logo on the minds of your customers 365 days of the year! If you are looking for a promotional idea that never stops working, then not many options can match the charm of calendar magnets that turn out to be the most watched thing over the refrigerator door, work table, cars or in fact any metal surface where these can be stuck!

2.17x5.6 Custom Printed School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

No matter whether you are a newbie, an established business or a self help group, these customized magnetic calendars will easily bring you the desired attention from wherever they are stuck. You are rest assured of year long promotion at lesser than a penny a day! Does that sound too good to be true? Call us today at ProImprint to order these affordable promotional calendar magnets at best prices!

Personalized calendar magnets make a smart way to leave your brand image without being overly intrusive. Everyone uses calendars daily to track major events and holidays and some use these as reminders or personal notes too, which means your business information can be seen and acknowledged daily. Promotional calendar magnets printed with your company name and contact details are perfect for distribution during tradeshows, corporate events and various other occasions.

3.5x6.25 inch Tear Off Refrigerator Calendar Magnets

We have an impressive lineup of customized calendar magnets in different shapes and sizes to match your business theme and budget. Here are some of our most popular models that are sure to grab the attention of the customers and remain in their memory for long!

A 3.5×4 round cornered school calendar magnet makes a good accessory for every student and these can be fixed to book shelves, refrigerators, cabinets etc. Custom magnets can be used to highlight the school events, promote brands and spread messages among students. The students and teachers get familiar with your brand on the calendar and would remember it for long, which helps in your brand promotion. It is an ideal promotional idea for marketers who are looking for a value added promotional idea on a budget.

A 2×4.5 mini refrigerator calendar magnet with square corner makes a loud and visible promotional tool for your brands and business messages. This type of refrigerator calendar magnets make a good business gift in any season and advertisers seeking it can ensure good visibility after offering it. It makes a good giveaway for hotels, eateries and other businesses where refrigerators enjoy a prominent role.

Personalized 3.5 x 6.25 tear off refrigerator calendar magnets are great options to make the best of your holiday promotion. Marketers trying hard to attract and retain the interest of their customers will find these calendars really useful. Beat the short term campaigns of your competitors and create a buzz all round the year with these value added and adorable gifts that people can never fail to take note of!

Investing in magnetic calendars is a good option to spread a word about your business without overshooting your budget. Bulk purchase carries attractive discounts and cash savings on these ever popular promotional gifts  at

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