Calendar Magnets – Leave Your Name In High Traffic Areas Of Your Customer’s Work Spaces And Homes

Everyone gazes up to the calendars many times every day to check up their daily schedules, the upcoming family events or the kid’s school programs. It is amazing that these old fashioned calendars still retain their timeless charm in modern homes and office spaces although in a trendier form of calendar magnets that look pretty on their fridge doors, cabinets or office tables.

3.5x6.25 inch Tear Off Refrigerator Calendar Magnets

Everyone loves to have a handful of these calendar magnets for some really sound reasons.

Calendar magnets ensure year long promotions and often the recipients retain the magnets even after the year is gone by for its attractive designs and patterns, which in turn will ensure an extended lease of brand exposure for you. Be it on the fridge, filing cabinets, oven or coffee making machines, these business corporate gifts will always find way to the high traffic areas of your client’s homes and work places and put your logo on a wide display at all times.

Light weight and easy to distribute, these promotional calendar magnets can be handed out during tradeshows, events and store openings among others apart from being used as mass mailer items or tote inserts. People will readily be stumped by the charm of these brightly colored calendar magnets that will not just make cool refrigerator art but also will hold their coupons, little shopping lists or cookery recipes with ease.

3.5x4 School Calendar Magnets Round Corner 20 Mil

Imprint your logo, message or artwork on these calendar magnets and see how the repeated impressions will ensure a higher ROI in the days ahead. Calendar magnets are perfect gift ideas to promote dentist offices, schools, realtor agents and in fact any business that wish to keep their logo bang in front of the eyes of their recipients without being intrusive.

It’s no secret that traditional marketing is crucial in any successful promotional strategy. When you distribute calendars, either by mail or as a handout, you are creating a solid connection with your clients. Packed with useful and inspiring content, our sturdy calendars will serve your long-term marketing goals.

Advantages of calendar magnets that not many gifts can match

  • 12 months of excellent brand exposure and advertising at a low cost
  • Get business message stay right in front of your clients
  • Calendar magnets enjoy mass appeal, which makes these really work
  • Ample customization options and color imprint possibilities

Any business can make use of the popularity of calendar magnets in their promotions thanks to their low cost factor. Budget friendly businesses that are hard pressed for funds to invest in any other kind of advertisement can opt for calendar magnets.

ProImprint has a range of calendar options including the ever popular tear off calendar magnets and school calendar magnets. It is the right time for the schools to invest in our school calendar magnets as schools will be reopening in a few weeks time. Promote your school among new students and reinforce the logo among your existing students and parents’ community with these adorable promotional gifts.

These durable and attractive custom calendars from ProImprint that make a trusted marketing tool for every genre of marketers, will make any promotional campaign a huge success.

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