Custom Beanies for Winter Marketing

As the snowflakes fall and the frosty winds lash; businesses of all kinds get an opportunity to get into the winter marketing campaign mode. Custom beanies bring together creativity and practicality. Secondly they aren’t limited to any specific industry. Hence these can be used by all types of businesses to embrace the winter season and get their clients and employees outfitted in your corporate colors.

Here are some businesses that can exploit the popularity of custom beanies in their promotions.

Outdoor Adventure Companies

For outdoor adventure companies, beanies will be a game-changer. It will make a mobile billboard of your business. Besides, it will turn the recipients into brand ambassadors as they explore snowy trails or just enjoy a day out. This winter swag will surely add a pop of fun color to the experience and make outdoor lives and activities easier.

Ski Lodges

Winter resorts and ski lodges turn busy with fun seekers during this season. By providing printed beanies , these establishments can enhance the overall experience of the customers; while promoting their brand. As beanies continue to be used for a long time even after the guests have returned home, your business will get positive word of mouth publicity and repeat visits.

Beverage Companies

For beverage companies that wish to promote cozy gatherings and sun down hours, custom beanies will make a prefect giveaway. Customize it to make it align with the business theme. Imagine how happy your recipients will be to sport these brilliantly colored beanies, while enjoying the cocktails surrounded by the beauty of winter landscapes. Apart from driving up your brand popularity, it will also increase the overall experience of the users.

Family-Focused Brands

The joy of winter activities go up manifold when shared with loved ones! Businesses that wish to reach out to the family audience can giveaway custom beanies to capitalize on the nostalgia of snow play. It will create happy winter memories among your prospects while promoting your brand.

Retail Stores

Retailers can think of something unique like beanies as their winter giveaways to break the norm and create renewed interest among the prospects. Hand out custom beanies imprinted with your logo to make winter shopping easier for the prospects, while letting them enjoy the winter spirit. It will surely make a positive association between your brand and winter fun.

Some more tips to consider


Now that you have selected the beanies, the next step is to customize it to make it align with your branding theme. A creative design will bring your brand identity to life. Crafting beanies that seamlessly integrate with your brand needs creativity. So, make sure that the design you come up with, reflects it nicely. Use all the design elements like colors and fonts accordingly.

Material and Durability

The beanies should be of good quality to make sure that they withstand the elements and the wear and tear of excitement. Choose from a wide range of models including those with reflective trims or with pom pom to suit the needs of the audience. A premium quality beanie will speak a lot about your commitment to quality.

How do you plan to use custom beanies in your promotions? Share your ideas