Covid -19 safety Tip – How to Keep Your Smartphones Germ free  

In the event of Coronavirus pandemic situation, there have been a lot of discussions on the importance of keeping our hands clean; and how it can prevent the spread of disease in general.  However, one thing that hasn’t been discussed as much is about keeping our smartphones and tablets clean.

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Keeping the phones clean and germ free is as important as ensuring personal hygiene; considering the fact that these gadgets remain close to the nose and mouth for a long time, every day, as people attend or make calls.

Basic Phone Cleanliness

Did you know that our phones can be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat?

Your phone can pick up germs throughout the day. Every time you keep it on the table, place it in your backpack or bring it closer to your mouth to attend a call, the surface accumulates a lot of invisible germs.

Here are some basic tips to keep the phones clean.

1.Try to use hands-free accessories like wireless headphones while speaking on the phone so you don’t have to hold the phone in hand or press it against the ear or mouth

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2.Never take your smartphone into the bathroom with you! Though not many people can resist this habit , it is important not to carry phones to the toilet where it can gather germs.

3.Wipe regularly with a screen cleaner and microfiber cloth to clear the surface of smudges and dirt. Repeat this during the day as required to keep your phone not only looking good, but nice and germ-free as well.  Lucid Screen Cleaners and Clothes that features a cleaning liquid spray and a microfiber cleaning cloth can wipe the phone clean and disinfect will make a great handout for phone shops and accessory stores to promote hygienic use of phones in their users.

 Lucid Screen Cleaners and Clothes

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The Covid- 19 has brought about a greater awareness on personal hygiene and hand washing among everyone. Make sure that the gadgets people use both on and off working hours are as hygienic and sterile as their hands with cleaning gadgets.

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