Custom Rubik Cubes – Add A Fun Streak To Your Promotions!

Who doesn’t like fun and laughter afterall? Rubik cubes are not just fun but ensure a workout for your brain cells, enhances dexterity of hands and improves mental alertness. Though it was  intended to be a 3D geometrical model when it was designed in 1974 by Erno Rubik, a Hungarian architect, it became more popular as a toy!

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Ever since the first Rubik’s Cube was sold in 1975, over 400 million cubes have been sold so far! People never seem to get enough of these cubes as they flip the surfaces over and over again to match the colors. Rubik’s Cube World Championship attracts a lot of enthusiasts and Lucas Etter was the first competitor to solve the cube in less than 5 seconds.

As promotional gifts

Are you planning to celebrate the legacy of these cubes by making it your promotional items? It is a fun way to make your brand more engaging.

Rubik’s® 9-Panel Full Stock Cube  Made from  100% pre-consumer recycled plastic, these cubes  will make  a great handout to employees, customers or students-  everyone will love it. Your logo imprint will appear on all 9 white panels.

Rubik's® 9-Panel Full Stock Cube

As tradeshow swag

Rubik’s cube is one of the best brain teasers ever.  Compact and light weight, these make great mailer gifts and tradeshow handouts as well. Impress even a vast audience while staying on your budget with these crowd pleasing gifts.

 As stress relievers

Rubik cube is found to help people stay focused better and beat stress. Your employees will find it idea to break the monotony of work desks and recharge their brain to come back to their work refreshed.

Fund raising items

The best fund raising items are infinitely popular. Rubik cube make a popular fund raiser that is hard to resist. Non profits, schools and community clubs can all consider these budget friendly items to raise funds for their projects . Make sure to stock up in excess. Nobody can have just one!

Contest prizes

Planning a raffle or fun contest for your milestone celebration? Look no further than these logo items as contest prizes. Ideal for all genders and demographics,  Rubik cube will never fail to impress anyone.

Mailer items

Next time when you send out those news letter or discount announcements, make sure to slip in this toy into the envelope. Your recipients will have the surprise of their life and your brand will become their favorite for one more solid reason!

Employee appreciation gifts

Tell your team how important it is by handing out these popular handouts. It will be refreshing change from the customary work desk items that you handout very often. These fun toys will make a great talking topic as well among their friends; and your brand publicity goes up by a notch!

Are you planning to use these custom puzzles as your promotional items?