Cell Phone Screen Cleaners As Promotional Tools

Promotional gifts are the popular choices of marketers to promote their brands as everyone will love freebies. However, choosing a practical and long lasting gift that falls within the marketing budget often makes a tight rope walk for most advertisers. That is where logo gifts like cleaning gadgets and screen cleaners come into the bigger picture. See how these microfiber cloths become an effective way to get your message out.Custom Logo Imprinted Microfiber Clothes in Clear Pouch

Screen cleaners have a wide imprint area for you to place your message, artwork or logo. Everytime your recipients use these screen cleaners to wipe their computer or phone screens or window glasses, your logo will be put on a wide display.

Here are some of the other benefits of screen cleaners that most of us might not have even noticed

  • Screen cleaners can be used for a long time and can even be shared with your friends, which will ensure a lot of publicity for your brand
  • Regular impressions are what make any brand popular and your logo on these daily use items will earn regular impressions.
  • Screen cleaners can be handed out during store promotions or as a complement with purchases and can be used as mailer gifts too. Get creative and try turning these screen cleaners in attractive colors and prints as holiday season gifts or greeting cards and see how your recipients will be bowled over by these innovative gifts!
  • Easy to distribute and carry, these soft screen cleaners will fit into purses, bags or even key rings, which means that your brand imprinted on these logo gifts will enjoy a high degree of portability.

In this technological era, where cell phones have become a necessity can there be a better gift than screen cleaners after all. Cell phones make sensitive gadgets that need utmost care and maintenance. It is paradoxical to note that while most phone users take absolute care to ensure that their phones are in good working condition, not many people seem to pay that much attention on keeping their phones clean and germ free. By handing out a cleaner that is safe for your phone, your logo will become part of their daily lives for sure.

Another reason for the popularity of these screen cleaners is that everyone will prefer these freebies than expensive liquid cleaners. Screen cleaners will keep the sensitive gadgets free from dust and finger print smudge marks in a simple swipe. Designed to last long these utility items made of delicate microfiber will ensure the gentlest care for the pricey electronic gadgets of your recipients. These logo gifts not just make great items to promote mobile shops, opticians and more but also make great employee gifts.

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