Personalized Gifts for Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication industry encompasses many technology-related business segments including telephony, wireless communications, the Internet, fiber-optics and satellites. Reports of PPAI show that telecommunication industry is ranked one among the top 30 buyers of promotional gifts. Businesses in this highly volatile and competitive industry make sure they leave nothing to chance when it comes to promoting their brands. Promotional gifts make an important item in any marketing plan as everyone loves freebies!

So, if you have been looking for a sure fire way to enhance your goodwill and brand popularity, here are a few gift ideas that will go a long way.

Phone cases : Can there be a better logo item than logo phone cases to promote telecommunication industry after all? Everyone will love these highly practical gift items as cell phones have become indispensible gadgets in everyone’s lives these days. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how easily these trendy phone cases will put your brand right in front of them wherever they go!Custom Goofy Silicone Mobile Device Pockets

Mobile stands : There is nothing more annoying than not having a convenient place to keep the pricey and sensitive cell phones on the work desk. Give your recipients the hands free convenience in using their cell phones with these logo gift items. Every time they pick up a call, your logo and message will grab their attention and when they need a new network provider, your brand will instantly pop up in their mind.Promotional Logo Folding Phone Holders

Cleaning gadgets : Let’s be frank about it! Appropriate cleaning gadgets will go a long way in keeping your sensitive devices in proper condition. So, why not hand out these extremely popular and budget gifts of cleaning gadgets comprising of microfiber cleaning clothes and cleaning spray among others. Imprint your logo and message and your recipients will surely be delighted to receive such useful gift items and to endorse your brand.Custom Imprinted Stylus Screen Cleaner Combo

Power banks : People depend on cell phone for not just making calls but to access the internet, games and entertainment, chat and to stay connected with the outside world. Hand out these practical power banks and your brand is rest assured of a 24 x 7 display. Power banks are well received and retained gifts that not many people can resist. Imprint your logo and message and make your logo part of their daily lives.Custom Imprinted Power Banks-2200 mAh

Headphones and earbuds : Everybody will love these practical gift items of headphones, which will let them enjoy their music, games and movies without being a nuisance to others. Available in a range of attractive models and colors, these logo items will never fail to stir up interest among your recipients.Promotional Storm Earbuds and Mobile Phone Stand

ProImprint has a range of custom gift ideas that will work just right for the telecommunication industry. Browse our collection and should you need any suggestions and tips, call us or email us.

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