Choose Appropriate Imprint Options for Your Custom Gifts for the Best Results

Choosing the best promotional gift will only make your job half done because personalizing it in style is what matters the most in making these gifts the brand ambassadors of your business. However, choosing the most appropriate imprint method could be easier said than done considering the multitude of options on offer. Though for an average Joe, most customization options may look alike; these processes can be as different as cheese and chalk in real sense.

Here are some of the popular imprint methods that can be considered for your custom gifts for the upcoming events.

Screen Printing: Planning a tradeshow or a mass mailer campaign any time soon? Then you need to obviously choose budget friendly gift items and a low cost imprint option as a wide audience is involved. Screen printing will make a perfect low cost option as it involves a simple process of transferring the premixed color and a nylon/polyester screen to get the message or logo transferred to the custom gift. Screen printing is the best option for customizing promotional gifts like water bottles, stress balls, can coolers, and tote bags among others.

Laser Engraving: If you need very sharp and high precision imprints, then look no further than this imprint method. Simple and swift, this process involves programming of the logos to be imprinted into the laser programme. The best part is that if you prefer to have your logos in vibrant colors, you can choose the option of oxidation procedure. Laser engraving is recommended while customizing glass or crystal plaques, metal pens or wooden gift items like recycled pens , cutting boards and much more.Custom Printed Vienna Metal pens

Digital imprint: Multiple colored logos and artwork look better in digital imprints where physical printers are used. The big plus of this imprint method is the possibility of full color printing over wide surfaces. So, if you have been planning to hand out custom magnets or mousepads during your upcoming promotional events, try out this imprint method that will surely impress your recipients.2 Inch Personalized Circle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Embroidery: Though this imprint method may not be as popular as the rest of the methods in customizing business gifts, it gives a personal touch and a subtle charm to your branding. This is great for imprinting apparels and apparel accessories like T shirts, rally towels, caps and hats, backpacks, blankets and more. The logo is stitched using an embroidery machine in your corporate color themes and you are ready with your set of custom gifts.Custom Jewel Collection Soft Touch Sport /Stadium Towels

Heat Transfer: We all have pressed a colorful cartoon decal on to the shirts as kids, which shows the principle of heat transfer in its simplest form. Special printers transfer ink to the selected item under intense heat to ensure a high precision imprint. Ideal for multiple colored logo imprints on T shirts and totes among others.Custom Printed Poly Pro Small Heat Sealed Tote Bags

Debossing or Embossing: Ensure a dramatic 3D effect to your logo with these imprint methods. Pre-constructed metal dies in the shape of the artwork is used in this process. The gift item is placed in between and by applying heat and pressure the imprint is obtained. Embossing will give a raised appearance for your logo while debossing has an opposite effect. Great for imprinting custom chocolates, leather wallets, backpacks and more. So, next time when you look at the scooped out logo on your favorite chocolate bar, you know how to come up with a similar design for your custom gifts!Custom Logo Imprinted Travel Wallets

If you have not tried out all these, your upcoming tradeshow will be the best event to try it out! Good luck!

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