Clocks – Let time be on your side during your campaign

Everyone will like to have a clock in the kitchen, upstairs and virtually every space in their home or office! It helps them to be punctual and to carry out their schedules with ease. So, there can’t be any season, demographics or age factor to consider for marketers who plan to hand out custom clocks during tradeshows or events as clocks are something that nobody can resist!

promotional logo excelsior photo clocks

Imprinted clock is a practical way to promote your logo and honor time at the same time. Just imagine the exposure your logo enjoys every time they take a glance at the clock in their morning busy hours! Your customers will surely thank your brand for having given them a useful gift like logo clocks.

Clocks are integral part of our daily lives and you will find them in offices, schools homes and even public places. Let’s be open about it. There are not many other promotional gifts like custom clocks for your logo to get the attention it deserves. Keep your logo right in front of your customer’s glances by handing out these practical gifts that enjoy a very high retention value. Studies show that as much as 81% of people keep the promo gifts for their functional excellence.

Promo clocks stand out for their wide and flat branding area, which will show off your logo and business message in style. You can even customize the color of the face to match your brand theme and to make it a unique gift that people will truly appreciate.

custom jaffa rosewood arch clocks

Go for a classy promotional clock with your brand logo printed over it and just imagine the number of times it will be seen and appreciated by your customers. The best part is that these logo products also make delightful party favors and employee gifts. Let your team feel well motivated with these time keeping machines with your brand logo and they will make doubly sure that they reach office on the dot!

At ProImprint there is a wide selection of clocks to choose from. Looking for an elegant gift for your special clients? Choose these black glass Personalized Jaffa Trapezoid Clocks that make ideal desk accessories. Be it as a festive season gift, raffle gift, party favor or more, these trapezoid clocks will not just make a trendy work desk accessory but also continue to remind them about your logo whenever you check the time.

If you are a fan of classic designs and themes, these Jaffa Rosewood Captain’s Clocks will make great options. Hand it out as employee gifts or party favors, and these clocks will never fail to create a buzz. Crafted from high quality natural rosewood, these battery powered clocks feature an engraved disk that will carry your logo with elegance. Browse our collection and choose the one that suits your needs and avail attractive discounts on bulk orders.