Awards and Recognition – hand out these custom morale boosters and make your team the true winner

Economic wind down and highly competitive marketing conditions have made it all the more challenging for the businesses to retain their cream work force. To retain the top performers, companies come up with unique and value added appreciation gifts for their employees including promotional gifts, incentives and much more.

custom printed jaffa floating glass plaques

Just imagine the revenue your businesses generate just by keeping your employees really motivated to give their best! Custom awards and recognition can play a major role in keeping the outstanding employees happy as every time they see the words of appreciation and your brand logo imprinted on these beautiful plaques, they will strive to better their own performance benchmark.

A pat at the back is all it takes at times to get them do better. These promotional gifts ensure just this and will keep your work force well motivated. Good attitude within a company is contagious and the other employees too will make a deliberate attempt to perform better when they see these plaques embellishing the work desks of their team members.

Logo imprinted awards and plaques make perfect business promotional products for schools, banks, hotels and infact any business organization that stands for quality and growth! Whether you hand them as an individual item or team recognition gift, it will be a great appreciation of their great job. It is important to make your employees feel that you appreciate their hard work and dedication and you can do it easily with any of our customized award plaques and trophies.

ProImprint has a range of custom awards and plaques for every occasions. Here are some of the options that can be considered.

8x10 logo imprinted printed jaffa rosewood plaques

Awards and trophies: A happy workplace is a successful organization too. So leave nothing to chance when it comes to keeping your team well motivated by handing out these beautifully crafted masterpieces. You can select from a vast selection of models in acrylic, crystal and glass in a diverse price range to suit your promotional needs.

Plaques: Custom plaques make a thoughtful appreciation gift for employees. Studies show that the attrition rates of employees is rising up all over the US . According to recent Department of Labor statics, the average tenure of employee is just around 1.5 years. See how these Promo plaques are used by employers to express their motivation for their team in a subtle and successful manner.

Paperweights: Artistic paperweights make the work tables attractive, enhance the positivity of the workplace and keep your employees happy and well motivated. Your engraved brand logo will speak volumes about your care for your team.

Custom awards and plaques will go a long way in enhancing the job satisfaction of the employees. The rewards bring internal gratification and audience applause, which most people value more than a simple pay hike. So, make sure that your employees stick on for a fairly longer time by keeping them well appreciated by handing out these custom awards from ProImprint which will make them feel right on top of the world literally!