Benefits of Taking Your Dogs To Work- Must Read

This Year, June 21st is observed as Take Your Dog to Work Day. The pet lovers will have an exclusive day to take their Fido to work, which in itself is proof of how popular pets are among Americans.  Dogs are loyal and make lifetime companions of man.

aking Your Dogs To Work

Dogs love their masters unconditionally and will go to any extent to keep them safe and happy. But have you ever thought of the benefits of taking these bundles of joy to your workplace? These will surely inspire you to take your dog to your workplace whenever possible.

Reduce stress  

Pets are the ultimate stress relievers for their masters and keep them safe even in stressful situations at work.  Reports show that 46% of Americans get stressed due to their workload, 6% on job security while 20% of people worry about not having a work-life balance. Excess stress in any form can be detrimental to your health and can lead to blood pressure, behavioral changes or heart ailments.

Dogs can reduce stress and boost mental health. It is one of the reasons why dogs are used as certified emotional support pets. The cheerful and playful nature of dogs will help you to get over your bad moods and stress to a great extent.

Enhance Job Satisfaction

Dogs will make you feel at home and happy. Having Fido at work will turn even the most stressful and bad day at work to something pleasant and enjoyable. For people working in extremely stressful conditions as military officers and law enforcement personnel are greatly benefitted from their canine companions.

Help you Increase Productivity

Dogs are found to help employees to increase their productivity. Though some people think dogs can be distracting, studies prove that dogs can help you stay focused and happy thereby boosting productivity. Every time you take your Fido for a break or a short ramble, your brain will get fresh and will encourage you to take a much desired mental break, which will go a long way in boosting your output.

Health Benefits

Many hospitals and care-homes employ dogs as therapy dogs because they help you feel good by boosting your mood and increasing your activity. Dogs can even smell chemical imbalances in bodies and can alert about possible ailments and health conditions. Petting dogs will also increase the antibody levels thereby decreasing allergy symptoms in the long run.

Socialization opportunities

Dogs are highly playful and intelligent and will leave you in splits with their antics. Dogs can easily develop social skills among those who are introverts. Pets make great talking topics in social circles. You are more likely to be approached by others if you have your pet with you. Man is a social being and is hardwired to thrive better in groups. Dogs will enhance the socializing skills of humans, which in turn will create positive vibes and excellent teamwork and camaraderie. The teams can even handout cute pet supplies and goodies to make the dogs feel appreciated.

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Better Company Image

A pet-friendly policy will make your organization popular, especially among the millennial population. It attracts more prospective employees and creates a happy workforce. Your employees will love to brag about this privilege to others thereby setting off word of mouth publicity.

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