6 Paw-some promotional products for your Pet Grooming center

6 Paw-some promotional products for your Pet Grooming center

Ditch Valentine’s Day, Coz it’s time to love your pet! Love your pet day is almost around the corner and all you have to do is to show some extra love to those cute little munchkins out there! According to America’s pet production Association, about 67% of US households own a pet.  This is more like 85 million families all around the US. So if you are feeling that you are behind the market in terms of pet grooming, it’s actually because you are not visible to the audience. Let’s sort this out on Love your pet day with some awesome promotional products.

Pet Paw Soft Wipes


Pet wipes are a must-have for every pet parent out there. For those furry pets who love outgoings, this can be the perfect gift. On love your pet day, get custom printed pet paw soft wipes with your logo and keep your pets stay moist and clean. Arrange a giveaway to all your customers and let them keep a part of you with these wipes.

Imprinted Travel Pet Water Bowls


Travel Pet Water bowls are every traveller-cum-pet lover’s For those people who never wanna leave their pets alone while they take a hike or road trip, this giveaway is perfect! These are foldable and hence it takes very little space. The large imprint space can actually showcase your brand name in a flashy manner! Get customized travel pet water bowls for your customers and rehydrate your brand!

Promotional LED Dog Bone Safety Pet Light


For all those pets you groom in your store, you can gift something cool! Such as Dog bone safety pet light! Dog bone safety pet lights come with an LED light that assures safety for pets while walking.  These custom pet supplies consist of single color LED light. They are available in Blue and Red color variants. Imprint your brand name on these collar bones and let your brand name get noticed.

Custom Printed Happy Dog Pet Bowls


Happy dog pet bowls are ideal to promote your pet grooming services. Advertise your grooming service with custom printed dog bowls! These pet bowls are travel-friendly and hence you could carry it wherever you go. You can print your pet grooming center name and address on to these pet bowls and can give it away as a complimentary gift to your customers.

Customized Pet Waste Bags Dispensers


Your customers would definitely love this gift! These are actually collared hooks for pets and it has a container to dispense waste bags! Customized pet waste bag dispensers can be used to manage pet waste during pet walks. Each dispenser bag comes with 10 white waste bags and it can be refilled. This product makes it hassle-free to handle pet wastes and the best part is, the pet is holding it where it goes, not the owner!

Customized Ultimate Doggie Bags with Dog Bones


The last gift might excite those dog owners out there. But now if you wanna impress the dog for real, this is the best gift! Of course, it’s all about dog treats! Order these customized ultimate doggie bags with dog bones and give it to your customers as a thanking gift! These bags will hold your brand name. And you can expect these customers again to your store when they run out of these treats.

Its Love your pet day on 20th February! Show some love to your clients with customized products!




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