Bandana Facemasks – The Accidental Fashion Trend In Personal Safety Items

Facemasks have become mandatory for everyone and it is likely to be so for a year or more considering the challenging times ahead. Facemasks  are designed to serve as a protective barrier against  droplets and other elements for people. However if you fancy a change and a fashion twist to ordinary masks, look no further than custom bandana that can also be used as face covering.


As they say necessity is the mother of invention and bandana masks are a perfect example of how innovative minds work to suit the changing times!

Available in a wide range of interesting models, bandanas have literally set off a fashion whirlwind in the new normal world. Bandanas are not just for the fashion forward people out there but even for their pets! Take a look at some of these trending models in  bandanas that will drive up the  fashion quotient all the while keeping them safe from contamination. Businesses can customize these trendy accessories with their logo, message and artwork to make it a happening billboard for their logo. Versatile and colorful, bandanas can be used as wrist bands, neck wraps,  head wear and even as masks.  No matter how your recipients prefer to wear these fabric pieces, your logo imprinted on it will make a huge impression among everyone who see it!

Here are some  trending models that will make a great addition to your marketing mix.

Printed Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters: The mesh like design and soft Polyester and Mica will make it comfortable.  It can be used as a face mask or bandana and are available in a range of colors,  Quick-Absorbing, Quick-Drying and reusable, these bandanas will make a lovable fashion accessory for everyone especially the outdoorsy crowd. Get it branded with your logo and message and stay spotted!

Multi-Functional Cooling Gaiters

Elevate U-DADE Snoods:  These 100% polyester breathable and reusable face coverings  can be worn in various fashionable ways; UPF 40+ will make it ideal for the sunny outdoors while  the full-color, edge-to-edge decoration of your logo or artwork will make the eyes of your prospects pop! Your message imprinted on these custom bandanas will stand out easily wherever your recipients go.

Elevate U-DADE Snoods

9.5×20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies : You will love the heathered version of famous yowie multifunction rally wear. Designed to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat, these versatile accessories  can be used as a bandana, wristband, head wrap, scarf, face cover, skull cap, hair band, scrunchie, rally towel and much more!  Your imprint will stand out elegantly over these bandanas in marathons, sports rallies, tail gate parties and other outdoor events.

9.5x20 Inch Heather-Roadster Yowies

Printed Cooling Yowie® : Stay cool in summer and stay safe from contamination alike with these bandanas. Quick drying and cooling, this multi-function rally wear can be used as a Bandana, Wristband, Head Wrap, Scarf, Face Mask and a lot more. Put on your creative caps to wear these versatile accessories the way you wish and  stand out in the crowd. For businesses, these make budget friendly handouts to get their message moving!

Printed Cooling Yowie®

Need more? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches the unique tastes of your audience.