6 Innovative Custom Products For The New Normal World Post-COVID

As most businesses are working on their reopening plans, the focus has shifted from work from home tips to how to function safely. As people get back to the normal workplace setting ensuring  compliance of the safety regulations becomes the top priority.  It might require you to strike a fine balance between the best practices as well as having the right personal safety items in place.


Here are some tips that will help you get started

Social Distancing

First thing first! Keeping a safe distance of 6 ft will go a long way in preventing the risks of transmission through droplets. A simple step can go a long way in keeping your team safe!


Though it is not possible to detect people who may not have any symptoms like fever. However, you can still use reusable forehead thermometer to make sure that sick people are not entering the premises.

Reusable Forehead Thermometers


 Apart from the routine cleaning of office premises , you can encourage your employees to do a quick cleaning of work desks and wiping  their hands with antibacterial wipes  or hand sanitizers to keep the surfaces clean and prevent a trail of touch points.

16 Oz Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles

Personal safety items

Make sure to stock up PPE essentials like face masks, sanitizers and gloves for not just your team but for your customers who may have forgotten to  carry theirs. Make sure  that you never run out of these essentials as the demand is high , which could make these items in short supply.

Fast Turn Cotton Masks

Now for some smart and innovative products that  can be considered during reopening

PPE Kits

Check out these comprehensive PPE kits that contain everything that your prospects need to stay safe and hygienic. These kits include gloves, sanitizers, masks, wet wipes and optional items like thermometers that will keep your recipients reassured. Customize these with your brand to make it your walking talking billboards.

 Light Activity PPE Kits

Hand sanitizer

Hand hygiene is the key to keep the contamination risks low. Choose from a wide range of models like gel, spray, wet wipes and more. There are   refillable bottles and bottles  with carabiner to match the specific needs of the users.  By adding your logo and message on these you can show how much you care.

Contactless Germ-Free Tools

Even the most mundane tasks like opening the doorknobs or pressing the elevator buttons is riddled with risk  of touching shared surfaces in the post Covid world. These anti germ tools will make a smart substitute for your fingers in getting the tasks done thereby protecting the users from touching the filthy touch points.

Freedom Key Stainless Steel No-Touch Tools

 Reusable Cloth Masks

Reusable cloth masks are  non-medical grade and are ideal for everyday use for those who are not in a super-high risk environment. Washable and reusable, these masks will serve as a barrier against droplets, pollen , dust, smoke etc.  You can also  promote your brand while staying safe by imprinting your logo  on these brightly colored masks.

100% Cotton USA Made Masks

Mask keepers

Secure your mask conveniently around your neck to keep it germ free and at easy access with these Mask keepers. These  lanyards with two bulldog clips will help your prospects stay safe from contamination when they have to take off the masks. Choose from a range of attractive colors.

1/2 Inch Polyester Mask Keepers

Printed Cooling Headband with Mask Support

Stay cool and stay safe with these innovative combo item of Printed Cooling Headband with Mask Support that includes both headband and a mask support. Probably what makes it uncomfortable for people to wear facemasks is the irritation and the pain that the tugging mask straps may cause. The black plastic snaps of these cooling head bands keep your protective masks secure without putting pressure on your ears to ensure more comfort and ease of use.

Cooling Headband with Mask Support

Browse our regularly updated list of custom personal safety items  to find the most trending gifts for your clients and employees.